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Why I'm applying to business school.

Hello influential readers,

I was recently asked by Kate the host of 9to5narrative to share a story at the Toronto Storytelling Festival. I decided to talk about why I’m applying to business school. 962 more words



Today I take my first official GMAT test, and I am nervous. I have been studying for 11 weeks now, and the content is all hammered in. 659 more words


What does the GMAT have to do with an MBA anyway?

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few months, a lot of people around me, seem to have caught the GMAT bug. However, I still unable to get my head around this question! 526 more words


Allies in your Mistakes

I have been MIA…I know but between work, family and studying I have barely had time for anything else.  That and its hard for me to tear myself away from books once I become immersed in them. 236 more words


Two cars continuously travel between Winnipeg, MB and Regina, SK

Two cars continuously travel between Winnipeg, MB and Regina, SK, which are 573 kilometers away from one another. They start simultaneously, car A at Winnipeg and car B at Regina, and run at 80 km/hr and 90 km/hr respectively. 39 more words


Landing My Summer Internship

I’m not the smartest b-schooler, my GMAT scores are questionable, and my finance abilities are abysmal. Nevertheless, I landed one of the most coveted summer internships in the MBA marketing world. 179 more words


Demystifying MBA Rankings

Hello everyone! I’m started to get ready to boot up my GMAT brain…. how tough it has been to get motivated. I really have to get posting again. 64 more words