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Eating out gluten free is a huge passion of mine. Refusing to compromise and go without, I search high and low, keep lists of recommendations and read restaurant reviews to try and gauge whether a place would be suitable for gluten free eating. 202 more words

Gluten Free

Piña Colada Ice Cream (V, GF)

My dear colleagues left me alone this week… They exchanged our tea time for some cheap tropical cocktails. Christoph is off to the Seychelles and Nicole is doing a crazy wedding-marathon in Mexico. 116 more words


African-Inspired Chicken and Vegetable Stew

This soup is one of the reasons I am glad we have real winters in Vancouver. (Sorry to the rest of Canada, I know we don’t have Real Winters like you do, but it seems cold enough to me.) I’m happy eat soup year round, but I know some people like to keep it to the colder months, so here’s one more for you, while we have this intermittent warm and cold Spring weather. 309 more words


Ginger...Use it Gingerly!

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) use dates back at least 5000 years.  You know the drill, Asia (it’s been used there for centuries), through the Middle East to Europe, then the Arab control of the spice trade, the trade routes open and spices become more available.  585 more words

Gluten Free

Paleo Anzac Biscuits / Coconut Macaroons

So it was Anzac Day yesterday, and I am not going to lie to you. I was meaning to make paleo Anzac biscuits, and I got them almost right, only that they are a bit of a hybrid between Anzacs and coconut macaroons, but who would argue with that? 180 more words

Gluten Free

Food Diary

🍑Food Diary🍒
🍉Brunch – Egg, Turkey sausage, hash browns, waffles, orange juice, gummi vitamins
🍓Dinner – Chicken Salad Wrap, potato salad, pickle
🍋Snacks – Chocolate chip cookies, skittles

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Gluten Free


Calabacitas is a quick and easy dish that goes perfectly with just about any meal.  With the addition of roasted green chile, it gives it a rich southwestern flavor you’re sure to love.   170 more words

Gluten Free