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My first toon shader

Hello! I’ve been hard at work this semester finishing up at George Mason. I’ve been working on a semester long project to have a game built by the end of the semester. 78 more words


Normal Mapping using PShaders in Processing.js

Try my normal mapping PShader Demo:

Last year I made a very simple normal map demo in Processing.js and I posted it on OpenProcessing. It was fun to write, but something that bothered me about it was that the performance was very slow. 300 more words

Open Source

BGE: scrolling textures with GLSL

Often in games we’ll want to give the appearance of a complex animation by animating 2D images. Such as smoke, explosions, muzzle flashes and tracks/conveyor belts. 3,154 more words


So What the Hell Happened!?

Jesus Christ I need to get back to this blog.

Okay, long, in-depth story which will hopefully be funnier to read than it was to live through. 1,477 more words

Michael Eric Oberlin

I'm just gunna shade, shade, shade, shade, shade...

James Tatum: Pizza inhaling code monkey.

Shaders allow graphics programmers and artists to make things look pretty. We love them, but only when they work. When we started looking at shaders for Sure Footing, we initially used… 386 more words

Sure Footing

Introduction to OpenGL Programming@SIGGRAPH '13

One of the most extensive and complete introduction tutorials out there.A video lecture of more than 3 hours duration by Edward Angel from the University of New Mexico and Dave Shreiner whose background lists ARM,Khronos Group(responsible for OpenGL’s specification) and SIGGRAPH.Topics include the graphics pipeline,its stages,GLSL and the various shaders and how to build a rotating cube application with textures etc. 26 more words

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