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A–Z of linguistics in rhyming couplets

Here’s a self-explanatory bit of silliness from Twitter yesterday. There were requests to assemble it somewhere, for convenience and posterity, so I figured I’d reproduce it on… 293 more words


A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: quintile


Why is there statistics?

There are many reasons statistics got organized as a field of study mostly in the late 19th and early 20th century. 652 more words


The C-Word

A very supportive friend of mine confessed the other day that, while she liked my blog so far, she had to look up a lot of gaming terms in order to know what I was talking about. 347 more words

No more “On-premise vs SaaS”, please!

Call me OCD, if you want, or a pedant: Am I the only one annoyed by the “On-premise vs SaaS” question? It makes as much sense as asking “Indoors vs Credit card” 511 more words

Information Management

A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: proper


So there’s this family of mathematical jokes. They run about like this:

A couple people are in a hot air balloon that’s drifted off course. 336 more words


Online Marketing Jargon for SME's. Learn it then apply it!

PPC, SEO and Edgerank……What?!

Chances are you know some of these terms already and the following is definitely not a comprehensive list. For a Small to Medium business shifting from traditional advertising like newspaper and radio this glossary of terms is just a starting point for jargon and buzzwords you’ll hear and see when thinking about marketing your business online. 572 more words

Online Marketing

We've Got Your G.O.A.T.

Today’s guest post comes from Barbara in Robbinsdale.

Ah, Babooners are a word-loving bunch, and if they don’t find the word they seek in the common lexicon, they will create their own.  1,006 more words

The Baboon Congress