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Update Log - 3/1/15

Odyssey I

Recordings in “Message in a Bottle” and “Guinea Pigs”
Threw “Out of the Woods” to the wolves. It had some good parts but murdered the pacing. 174 more words


Brand Identity of the Korea Baseball Organization

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has announced a new “brand identity” earlier this February, which is a list of names of frequently used by the league and their English translations.  524 more words


Afro Hair Glossary

So as I was bored, i went online and started  googling random things and GUESS WHAT I CAME  across?!?! 😁 It’s a glossary about the afro hair lingo. 35 more words

scene seven: glossary

Glossary, terms, definitions, and images from Scene Seven. 32 more words


Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOTP language factories, Feb. 21-28, 2015

ambushing: asking Scott Walker a question. Actually, any challenging question is now called a “gotcha” question (see below), making the very act of even asking questions “divisive” (see below). 568 more words


Glossary and acronyms in LaTeX

I couldn’t find one comprehensive source to create a glossary and acronym list in LaTeX with LaTeXila on Ubuntu, so this post will get you started (or remind me when I need it). 727 more words


Computer Gaming Glossary

My kids are getting into computer gaming and they often ask me what certain gaming-related words mean.  I never really think about how byzantine some of the words are until someone asks so I thought I’d note them down as best I kind.  1,100 more words