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Virtual Tourist - TERA 2/22/15

Morning everyone!

Finally have a weekend to myself. Yay! Conventions back to back and the evil day job are not good for blogging. lol.

TERA… 106 more words

Gloria Oliver

Virtual Tourist - TERA 2/15/15

Lordy! 2 Cons back to back and doing 11.5 hours a day at the day job! Eek!

(Pretty much why I fell off the face of the Earth this past week. 126 more words

Gloria Oliver

ConDFW XIV – February 13 – 15, 2015

Where: Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center
Author Guests of Honor: Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown
Artist Guest of Honor: Galen Dara… 296 more words

Gloria Oliver

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/4/15

I’m running late!!!!

Golden Sunset anyone?

Kept trying for a better angle. lol

Hubby needs to clean his windshield. :P

A ton of birds out. I love when the sky does the pinks and blues. 80 more words

Gloria Oliver

Mind Sieve 2/2/15

This will be a slash and burn edition.

Had relatives come up this past weekend (Hadn’t seen them in like forever! So it was a blast!) and all the newsletters and other new month things to take care of on the writing side. 34 more words

Gloria Oliver

Virtual Tourist - TERA 2/1/15

Morning all!


So formidable and cold!

Neat building structure

Local skeletal unfriendlies

Lava lamp ala TERA? Heh

Something not good happened here.

Full ships frozen on ice… 25 more words

Gloria Oliver

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes P&C 1/25/15


Figured I would share some more Sherlock pics this morning.

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment
Kew Gardens Mystery
Divine Syndicate Compound

This is inside the main building/temple. 115 more words

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