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The Nation-State & the Multipolar World - Dugin

The Nation-State and the Multipolar World

By Alexander Dugin

Translated from the Spanish by Lucian Tudor

One of the most important points of the Theory of Multipolarity refers to the nation-state. 488 more words

New European Conservative

Corporatism-Fascism strikes again...

(Post revised)

While I could write a dissertation on this very wide scope issue, I’ll try to keep it brief and focus on Print Media regarding this specific post. 214 more words



Refugee: n. a human who leaves a territory because of (war and/or persecution) and/or (natural disaster and/or trouble)

When humans flee a territory or country because of war, political or religious persecution, a natural disaster such as drought, or economic hardship then they are called refugees. 193 more words

Common Sense

Commentary Ninety-six: a necessary plea of the Taiwanese republic

Author: Shawn Dexter John

Though I have inferred on the matter where presenting the same conclusion within the content of more general statements on the transgressions of democratic development, an investment in material objectivity requires me to install a scientific material on the circumstances of Taiwan, still known as the Republic of China. 1,270 more words



Spy: v. to secretly collect information on a human(s) which is frequently a government and/or organization

Since time immemorial spies have been used to gain competitive advantage in warfare and in business by uncovering military strategy ahead of time and uncovering business secrets.  480 more words

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