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Manifesto of the Spanish Identitarian Solidarist Resistence

Principles of the Spanish Identitarian Circle: Resistencia Identitaria Solidarista

Translated by Daniel Macek

1. Europeanism. The Identitarian Solidarist Resistence is before all a European and Europeanist Comradeship. 1,914 more words

New European Conservative

Globalism is Curated

Global design in the commercial world gets at the heart of the matter. To appeal to a diverse audience common human desires have to be the basis of the message. 955 more words

New World Order: The Founding Fathers

Global Research | 26 April 2015

This article was first published in July 2013

Rich and powerful elites have long dreamed of world control. The ambitious Romans, Attila the Hun, great Muslim leaders of Medieval Spain, the Mughals of India all exercised immense influence over different parts of the globe in set periods of recognised ascendancy. 7,365 more words

New World Order

4 Ways Technology Is Transforming Business Strategy - Forbes

History, as we know it, is over not because we’ve figured it all out, but on the contrary because we’ve unleashed forces that render the future inscrutable. 62 more words


Towards a More Practical View of Economics

When some people hear the term economic theory, they often act indifferent or roll their eyes. This is because for years, many have equated it with a type of intellectual game playing. 1,098 more words