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We'll give you one guess what Bill Nye Not-the-Climate-Scientist-Guy thinks caused the flooding in Houston

How true that is. Here is President Obama’s favorite scientist, children’s show host Bill Nye, with his theory on what’s behind the epic flooding in Houston this week. 496 more words

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It's SO2, Not CO2

By Buel Henry – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

In 2007, the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to Albert Gore and the IPCC for their work in promoting the theory that global warming was caused by green-house gasses, and that, based upon computer simulations, increasing amounts of these gasses in the atmosphere would cause runaway warming, with disastrous consequences for the planet. 833 more words

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Celebrity Charities, Leonardo DiCaprio!

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for great movies such as The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby and most of all heart throb Jack Dawson in Titanic. 368 more words

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Excessive CO2 emissions (and maybe lava) threaten endangered pink iguanas in the Galapagos

Big geologic news out of the Galapago Islands where the Wolf volcano, dormant for the past 33 years, came back to life this week, belching global-warming causing gasses into the atmosphere with absolutely no concern whatsoever of its carbon footprint: 338 more words

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Study: Cultural shift and centralized planning helped Melbourne adapt to Australia's Millennium Drought

Regional water czar directed coordinated drought response

Staff Report

FRISCO — Drought-prone cities and regions around the world can look to Melbourne, Australia to get an idea of what it takes to tackle water shortages during extended dry spells — and to prepare for future droughts, which are projected to become more frequent in some regions as global warming intensifies. 459 more words

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Proposals to the RA Government on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Light of Energy Safety

As “Ecolur” NGO informs us, the participants of the round table held in “Ecolur” Press Club, discussed on “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Light of Energy Safety”and made various speeches and proposals on the issue. 340 more words