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Palm Oil

I’m watching an episode of Vice on HBO discussing how the production of palm oil is quickly destroying Indonesia’s rain forests.

Watch online here: http://www.hbo.com/vice#/ 141 more words

Carbon Dioxide

The Size Of Space As Depicted Here Is Truly Mind-Blowing

Unless you are a cosmologist, it’s really hard to appreciate just how small we are in this vast universe. For people like us who don’t know how to use scientific instruments, there are pictures that illustrate how minuscule our world is compared to the rest of the cosmos. 12 more words


Republican Apes

Bloodville, Transylvania.  Here are some wonderful pictures of Republican apes that were taken by our resident zoologist and pastry chef, Don T. Givashit.

1.) A Republican ape on global warming. 165 more words


What Can We Do About The Migrant Crisis?

Once more the death of a host of migrants trying to reach the shores of Europe has hit the headlines. This time approximately 700 people on a small boat have died within 80 miles of the Libyan shore, and what has Libya done about it, well, the answer is once again; … 1,227 more words


3 Ways We Are Destroying Our World.

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd April 2015 we should all be realising what we are doing to this planet, our home. 423 more words

Bits & Pieces

The Last Time Oceans Got This Acidic This Fast, 96% of Marine Life Went Extinct

The biggest extinction event in planetary history was driven by the rapid acidification of our oceans, a new study concl​udes. So much carbon was released into the atmosphere, and the oceans absorbed so much of it so quickly, that marine life simply died off, from the bottom of the food chain up.

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