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'Point and laugh’: Need help coping with the 'climate grieving process'? This advice is mock-tastic

@iowahawkblog @winegirl73 point and laugh.

— JadedByPolitics (@JadedByPolitics) March 4, 2015

With “climate change” comes the inevitable struggle to cope, which brings up this question from “sustainability/climate change professional” Celeste Young as shared by Iowahawk:

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Are you concerned about the environment? Do you care about it, but find yourself short on time to learn about important concepts and issues? If so, click to follow this… 485 more words

What the People of the Amazon know that you don't...

This is an excellent TedTalk, looking at the value embedded in the culture and biodiversity of Rainforests. An excellent resource to boost your research on Deforestation and the issue of finding a balance between development, resource exploitation and sustainability. Click here


It’s Real. First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide’s Increasing Greenhouse Effect

Posted on March 1, 2015 by FQtQ Contributor in News, Our Amazing Planet

Scientists have observed an increase in carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect at the Earth’s surface for the first time.  773 more words


Edward Snowden archive aims to 'piece together the bigger picture' - Canada - CBC News

There’s one thing I am certain about. I am more afraid of Stephen Harper than “terrorists”. He will push through C51 despite all the criticisms. He has already called the NDP opposition positions “extreme”.

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Canadian Politics

Arctic Sea Ice 'Thinning Dramatically,' Study Finds

Image Credit: Incredible Arctic

Arctic sea ice — the ice that freezes and floats on Arctic waters — is thinning at a steadier and faster… 526 more words


Population, energy and pandemics


  • There will be a pandemic of global proportions.
  • An aging population raises important fiscal and heath issues.
  • Energy and health management are key issues.
  • Stop. Think.
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Bill Butterworth