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The Bureau Boss on Temperature Trends, Heatwaves, and Climate Change

On Sunday profile on ABC Radio on Sunday 29 March, the Director and CEO of the Bureau of Meteorology was interviewed.  The whole interview is here: 749 more words


Climate Change May Impact Oceans For Thousands Of Years, UC Davis Study Finds

DAVIS (CBS SF) – The effects of climate change on the world’s seas could be felt thousands of years from now, not just in the immediate future, according to research from the University of California, Davis. 169 more words


How To Survive A Super Typhoon

In Batanes, the northernmost islands of the Philippines, a small indigenous population routinely survives the most violent storms in the world. But in an era of unprecedented weather disturbances, can centuries-old methods of adaptation survive modernization and economicRead more…

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Our Civilization Can Collapse? No Way. . . .

Our Civilization Can Collapse? No way. . . .

“We may live in the strangest, most thoroughly different moment since human beings took up farming, 10,000 years ago, and time more or less commenced.” 555 more words


Extinction Haiku: Emperor Penguin

howling winter winds

mother, father, baby too

changed by warming trends