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Climate Scientism is Made of Green Cheese

~~~Dr. Humanitylove or How I Learned to Love Fossil Fuel~~~

How’s your credulity index these days?

Remember the Greek philosopher Plato’s symbolic illustration of a cave and the people chained inside? 602 more words

Global Warming

50 most polluted roads in the UK

50 locations in the UK with the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in 2012. The EU legal limit is 40 micrograms/cubic metre. Even number 50 on the list is two and a half times this level. 160 more words

Fossil Fuel Production

Sea Ice Cover, Global Temperature, Fresh Water Supply and Solar Activity - July 2015

Without commentary, here are the most recent waveforms, charts and graphs related to these indicators.

Global Warming

Climate: National Parks face huge sea level threats

Study says $40 billion in park assets at risk

Staff Report

FRISCO — Researchers are only a third of the way through their efforts to catalog how rising sea level threatens national parks, but they’ve already documented risks to more than $40 billion worth of park assets. 507 more words


Somethin' ain't right

I retrieved data myself, temperature at the 850 hPa level (about 1.5 km altitude) from 20th-century reanalysis, from ECMWF. I’ve looked at two locations on the equator, at longitude 45E and 60E, selected because they’re two places for which… 1,259 more words

Global Warming

Increasing Is Decreasing

China promises to keep increasing their CO2 emissions for the next 15 years, while calling the massive increase a “carbon intensity reduction”

Beijing: China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, has submitted a new carbon intensity reduction target to the United Nations…

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I would add the Iran and China understand that western governments and press are seriously mentally defective, and will believe anything they are told.