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The Infamous Spaghetti Tree Harvest

April Fool’s Day is a time to prank your friends and family members with a tall-tale or fib designed to make them believe something that isn’t true. 203 more words


Social Media; Copyright

Social Media as the blog has discussed thoroughly in previous posts its advantages in terms of connectivity and professionalism. However we have bordered on the problems with social media and in particular with problems relating to new media issues of cyber bullying and propaganda. 579 more words


Social Media Problems; Facebook Privacy

The media has given the world many down the years in terms of connection and creativity great benefits and resources to use a world that is vastly changing technologically and socially. 488 more words


Media Counter-Flows -Readings

Jigna Desai and Rajinder Dudrah.
Bollywood -Intro

Mohamed Zayani on Al Jazeera: Read pp 1-38 (introduction)

B. Larkin: Brian Larkin: African Videos & Bollywood

Where's Vladimir?

The president of Europe´s bully of a big brother was not seen for ten days. You have probably read uncountable amount of news about it, heard all the possible and impossible theories and perhaps even discussed his disappearance yourself with your friends behind a nice bottle of beer. 403 more words

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From the Orient to the Occident: An analysis of the underlying global media discourse

A new global “media ecology” is currently emerging, with political and economic powers in non-Western parts of the world, such as India and China, playing a more substantive and independent role in the global media sphere (Khorana 2012, p.39). 770 more words


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As regards the following quotation: "With the growth in media power accruing outside the West, the challenge will be for these new media capitals not to mimic Western media but to position themselves as global players, developing a cosmopolitan orientation by overcoming difference and diversity while reviving serious journalism free from the implicit cultural stereotypes evident in existing media discourse." This reads to me as "overcoming partisanship" via an abstract ideal of universality and impartiality. The article is certainly a thought-provoking one; but while objectivity can be a very good thing, I doubt that a cosmopolitan "impartiality" is likely to be any more authentically impartial than the "International" (sic) community" and "International (sic) Criminal Court," which latter both primarily serve the interests of selected individual persons from relatively dominant countries. However, it will be interesting to see whether any Chinese media outlets will, like Russia Today, make an impact in English-speaking countries; or indeed France, Germany and other areas.