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Worry about worry - Julian Eldridge

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How do you decide what to worry about? I know it isn’t usually a matter of choice. 426 more words


Aim high! Our children deserve it.

“The rate of stunting, chronic malnutrition that hampers physical growth and can permanently impede cognitive development, has fallen by 41 per cent since 1990. As we look toward the future, the next 15 years provide an opportunity to ensure that the progress we make for children reaches every child.” 7 more words

Global Issues

Greece - a victim of finance curse?

Those who have studied development economics will be familiar with the term ‘resource curse’ – a paradox of plenty, when countries or regions with abundance of natural resources tend to have less economic growth and worse development outcomes. 98 more words



Atlas is a place to find charts and diagrams to help you visualize statistics. The charts are simple, but simple is usually best. Here are some of the most recent examples. 98 more words

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