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07/03/2015 Day 184 - An Album To Be Stuck on the Moon or a Desert Island With

I’ve been thinking about this one all night and it’s a very difficult challenge. I can’t imagine only being able to listen to 13-15 songs, and I feel like I would have to pick an album that would have a song to cover every mood I have and every genre that I like, which is nearly impossible! 122 more words

365 Days Of Songs


/ˈjuːfənɪ/ noun

1. agreeableness of sound; pleasing effect to the ear, especially a pleasant sounding or harmonious combination or succession of words

Right now, I’m supposed to be completing some holiday homework my English teacher set, but let’s just say, I’m on a break now. 584 more words


Glee s6 ep 5

Invitationals again. Kurt and Blaine are trapped in a pretend lift by Sue until they kiss. Hypnotism. Kitty rejoins the New Directions, and Spencer is persuaded to sign up as well. 235 more words


TV Quote # 37 - Glee, Season 6, Episode 10 - "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester", & Commentary # 5 - Musicals: Love Them or Hate Them

Sue (Jane Lynch) to her mother (Carol Burnett): “Mother, I’m sorry, but sitting through a musical is torture for me. How do people just burst into song? 48 more words

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Let's Hear It For Canada- A Dominion Day Salute to TV's Actors from the North

Today is July the First.. in Canada it is a national holiday. Some people call it Canada Day and others call it Dominion Day. It is the day that Canada formed into independent states under British rule. 761 more words

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