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EyeBuyDirect.com and my new glasses...

I have really horrible eye sight. I can’t see anything not even a foot in front of my face without glasses on. It’s such a pain in the ass. 820 more words


CR7 Ballon d'Or Casual Style

On his way to Zurich Cristiano was seen in this casual outfit. Unfortunately you cannot see that much, but what you can see is this: 92 more words


B*tchin' Bifocals!

My new glasses were ready last week and I’ve been wearing them for a few days now. They’re progressives, so there’s no line in the lenses- if I don’t say that they’re bifocals there’s no way to tell. 310 more words


Daredevil S1E3 Rabbit in a Snowstorm Review SPOILERS!!!!

Hello friends!!! As with Netflix viewing, Daredevil episode 3 comes when it is most convenient for me! So ha! ;)

This episode begins with a man named Healy walking into a bowling alley as it is about to close, wanting to play, but the attendant says it is too late, so he asks to join the man currently playing as she leaves to go behind the desk, but the man pushes him away, so Healy takes out the man’s goons and pulls a gun on him. 1,217 more words