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The next Google Glass might have eye-tracking, give you info based on where you're looking

The next iteration of Google Glass is already in the works, but not much information has surfaced thus far about what the device’s hardware will be like. 874 more words


Getting on like a house on fire!

After five years of a successful collaboration, the relationship between Exeter and Mackenzie Glass Centres and Pilkington goes from Strength to strength. Pilkingtons Fire Glass at Exeter and Mackenzie Glass Centres have recently been awarded a significant upgrade in the partnership, the glass centre has been recognised for their consistent production and service achievements coupled with increased productivity. 483 more words


Some of Europe's sickliest economies are getting a "Game of Thrones" tourism boost

Few are as excited about the new season of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones, which returns to screens on April 12, as¬†Croatians. The more time that fans of the hit show spend gazing at the splendor of Dubrovnik, which serves as the pivotal capital city of King’s Landing in the series, the more that they might be motivated to pay a visit in real life. 440 more words

French Living Project

A lovely follower asked for a little help with some finishing touches to her (& her husband’s) bedroom. It’s a french inspired room, but not feminine french baroque style.. 511 more words


Lasting impact: 5 groups that are still doing important things with Google Glass

The Google Glass Explorer program ended somewhat abruptly in January, and this didn’t come as much surprise to the Glass-bashing media nor those who tried the device for their own consumer use. 1,189 more words


Talking Schmidt: Google Glass is a long-term project, too important to scrap

If you’ve been following the facts behind the situation with Glass, you know that the project is not seen as even close to being dead within the Mountain View company. 303 more words


CiM colour testing: Chamomile and Caboose

I got a lovely big pile of new colours to test and then had kiln controller issues, which means so far I have only had time to try these two! 373 more words