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Rome: The Colosseum

Most major cities have famous landmarks, and undoubtedly one of Rome’s must be the world-famous Colosseum.

Obligatory #tourist #photo from inside the #Colosseum #Rome…

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Tourists Guide to the World: Capua & Casserta, Italy

I love Europe. I really do.  I love the history that is on display in the middle of bustling cities. I love Canada too but it is so young by comparison. 426 more words


The Pit - Part Four

When the Beast, Nhaqosa had first spoken, it had surprised Elad. He had not expected words from such an unlikely looking a creature; a minotaur, that had been the word Nhaqosa had used for himself.

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The Pit - Part Three

Nhaqosa studied the man sent to battle him as the pair slowly, cautiously circled each other, crouched down with their weapons ready. A dark haired man, his skin was pale though, unlike those who lived in the region that Nhaqosa found himself in.

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The Pit - Part Two

Elad staggered out into the pits, unceremoniously shoved through the gates by burly guards. Moments later a sword flew out to land at his feet, one notched by use and the hilt still damp from blood.

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The Pit - Part One

  The crowd screamed, baying for blood, for death, animalistic in their fervour. Their cries reverberated around the gladiatorial pit, rising to fever pitch as man and beast fought below.

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After Slow Start Gladiators Comeback to beat Storm

The Cleveland Gladiators(2-2) came into Friday’s game on a two game losing streak. They lost their last game against the undefeated Philadelphia Soul(4-0) 63-48. In that game, the Gladiators quarterback Shane Austin threw for 298 yards and five touchdowns. 222 more words