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We Are NOT The Provider, God Is!

Yesterday, I was having a great phone conversation with my mother and we were talking about a range of topics but one of the main subjects of our conversation was giving. 629 more words


Neither here nor there

I will never take advantage of you

here, have mine

I will never take you for granted

Please, take all of my time

I will always give you love…

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Kait King

Give A Little

Picture courtesy of Authors for Nepal Facebook Page

We’ve all heard about the earthquake that ravished Nepal, so there is no need to go into a lengthy post about the loss  and devastation there.  312 more words


Socially Acceptable Addictions

Common self soothing mechanisms employed by the egocentric left mind.

Excessive time and psychic energy is expended on controlling and managing ones’ external environment and these activities are employed to offset their negative polar charge imbalances. 155 more words

Egocentristic Manifestations of the Analytical Left Mind, and of Our World

The left mind thinks in language that is needed to communicate in the external world, and thus necessarily projects importance onto objects and things outside of its’ Self. 428 more words


Everyone’s life experience is their own and so many variables exist to flavor or make anyone’s experience bland. The concept of neurosis, or minor mental illness, is characterized by assuming too much responsibility for others and in general taking responsibility for things one could never truly be responsible for. 198 more words

The "Left Mind" and the "Story Teller Apparatus"

(An egocentric phenomenon)

“The act of giving seemingly sincere appreciation and the juxtaposition of extreme toxic resentment”

The Love/Hate of Egoism

Within the confines of the analytical left hemisphere of the human brain, resides the language center, and anatomically a subset of temporal cells is the human ego. 185 more words