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How This Entrepreneur Is Surfing The Mouth Of The Bull



Everything is just a BIT more difficult here in Bocas del Toro, a blisteringly colorful archipelago of islands, cays and islets set in the northern edge of Panama’s Caribbean coast. 1,136 more words


Top Five For... A Morning Start.

Welcome to Sunday Sounds. Apologies for this being a week late, slight technical hitch.

This week is about getting up and starting the day. For those of us who enjoy our sleep, this isn’t the easiest task. 489 more words


Mother, Mama, Madre

Hey Ma,

Everyday we perform and give to our children, they watch us, they admire us and we just want to give them the best. But how about ourselves? 233 more words

Give and Take--A Must Read

Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, is by wunderkind Wharton professor Adam Grant. The thesis of this book is that helping others and focusing on their interests can lead to greater success than being self-focused). 408 more words

Adam Grant

This Surfer Finds Meaning Between Waves & Doing Good


Finding Common Ground: Reflections Between Waves in Bocas Del Toro 

One of the main reasons that I chose to come to Bocas was the close proximity of good waves and good vibes. 703 more words


Noche Nada // GIVERS

I haven’t heard this song in quite a while, so I forgot just how much i thoroughly enjoy it. It’s got all my qualifications for a good song- good backbeat, good harmonies, some sick guitar licks, you know. 65 more words

The Lucky Velvet

Good Vibes: "Saw You First" by Givers -- Live @ The Switch

“I saw you first, it was in a dream, it was in a dream
I knew it’d work, or so it seemed, or so it seems”