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from the memoirs of a non-enemy combatant-alex gilvarry

“And so I spent the rest of my first day getting lost, making transfers, missing connections, falling in love. New York’s subway system is a rubber band of sexual tension, stretched and twined around the boroughs, ready to snap.” (13) 409 more words

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ISIS or Daesh, had three attacks against the West.  They attacked America through a Fortune 500 company (Air Products) in France.  They attacked Kuwait, which America and Bush 41 saved from Iraq.  666 more words

TREASON: Look What Obama Just Did for Osama Bin Laden’s Bodyguards


Barack Obama treats Guantanamo Bay prisoners much like Oprah Winfrey treats Pontiac sedans.

It seems that, from recent news reports, our president basically goes around to random Middle East satrapies and exclaims, “You get a terrorist! 376 more words


Review: Material Issue 1

Written by Ales Kot

Illustrated by Will Tempest

Lettered by Clayton Cowles

Designed by Tom Muller

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At MIT, a professor lectures about the threats machine pose to culture and human interaction and then has a very surprising conversation. 495 more words

Alasdair Stuart

Pair Of Escaped Murderers From Max Security Prison Proves The INSANE FAIL Of Obama 'Let's Close Gitmo' Fiasco

So let’s consider Obama and Democrats’ religious belief that we can keep terrorists here and close down Gitmo.

NOT.  We can’t even keep garden variety murderers in our max prisons, let alone highly trained terrorists who are backed by a million Muslims who would help them escape for Allah: 304 more words