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Gary Sinise Lynches Bergdahl Aiming For Obama

Actor Gary Sinise who has been leveraging his role as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump supporting veterans, recently aimed tweet at President Obama impacts Bowe Bergdahls upcoming trial. 786 more words


Obama traded 5 Taliban commanders for a soldier now accused of desertion

The Weekly Standard reports:

Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier held captive in Afghanistan by Taliban-affiliated terrorists for nearly five years, will be charged with desertion. Bergdahl was returned to the United States last year in exchange for five Taliban commanders being held at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

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Bad Trade Confirmed: Bergdahl a Deserter

By: Susan Bea Good


Army Sargent Bowe Bergdahl went from receiving a declaration from our Secretary of Defense that he served the US with “Honor and Distinction,” to charges of desertion and possible… 216 more words


Why is Bergdahl just now being charged?

I wrote about this last June. There is an important point that I think explains why Bergdahl is only now being charged as a deserter. It was not politically expedient for the WH at the time. 116 more words


Federal Judge Orders Trove of Detainee Torture Photos Released

By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

Last Friday, while everyone was distracted by the coming weekend, U.S. District Judge, Alvin Hellerstein, ordered the release of what is… 824 more words


Obama On Gitmo: Prison Should Have Closed On My First Day In Office

If President Barack Obama could turn back the hands of time, he would have acted immediately to close Guantanamo Bay prison during his first term, he said Wednesday, according to the… 233 more words