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GITMO Case Stalled 2,477 Days and Counting

If America is the greatest nation on Earth, and our rights and freedoms are the envy of the rest of the world (and, it has been argued, the reason so many people hate us), then why don’t we extend those some rights and freedoms to other people. 184 more words

Human Rights

Widow, ex-soldier move for final judgment on $134M suit against Omar Khadr

TORONTO – The widow of an American special forces soldier killed in Afghanistan and another soldier partially blinded by a hand grenade have moved to finalize a default civil-suit judgment against former Guantanamo Bay prisoner… 508 more words


Omar Khadr Released; Why You Should Care

Even with this important step towards justice, Khadr’s case nevertheless highlights fundamental flaws in the US, Canadian and international justice systems which need to be addressed. 1,222 more words


'We love you Omar': Gitmo's one-time youngest inmate walks free from Canadian prison

As Michelle Malkin reported on her site in 2012, jihadist Omar Khadr, then 26, pleaded guilty to five charges related to the battlefield killing of U.S. 465 more words


Gitmo Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Army sergeant has been Freed

Family Security Matters, by Judicial Watch, May 7, 2015:

An Al Qaeda terrorist guilty of murdering a U.S. Army sergeant and “transferred” from Guantanamo to Canada by the Obama administration has been released from an Alberta prison while he appeals his conviction for war crimes. 698 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Two Drops - Chapter 10


 Hammaad; New York

I saw her with her head bent over, looking so preoccupied. My heart felt like it would explode…even after all this time. 916 more words

Citing Religious Beliefs, Muslim Gitmo Inmates Object To Female Guards : NPR

I am with General Kelly on this, apart from his comment on whether the prisoners beliefs reflect Islamic teachings (Supreme Court of Canada approach of assessing whether beliefs are sincere, and whether they infringe on rights of others is preferred, rather than commenting on theology). 479 more words