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Posh Git shows the current branch and the state of files in powershell prompt

It’s a set of PowerShell scripts that gives Git integration in PowerShell prompt.


The first thing you notice once you install it, is that it can show the current branch and the state of files, additions, modifications, and deletions within. 25 more words


How to create patch between local repository and remote repository in GIT based on tag

Clone the repository to which you have to create a patch. 

git clone <URL of the source kernel + your code>

git checkout tags/<your-tag>

git checkout -b <tagname> 70 more words


Building a Data Manager Part I: Setting Up

From Michael’s Attic

This post is part of a series aimed at beginning PHP coders. Follow step-by-step from ground zero to build a simple data manager… 1,551 more words


Script Build

In normal development, we usually use the IDE to build our project.
We can write powershell script to do this for us, it is really reliable and efficient way to build our project and upload the compile source to the server. 100 more words


Git swap branch to master

Sometimes in the development we always commit into the master but at the end we want to make our branch source become master.
I feel this is easier way to do it. 38 more words


apt-get install git

Download for Linux and Unix

It is easiest to install Git on Linux using the preferred package manager of your Linux distribution.


$ apt-get install git… 40 more words