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Crazy Busy is Not a Thing

I recently described the last six months of my life as a time of “unprecedented stress.”

What would have been more accurate is if I had said to my friend “I am experiencing a time of unrelenting pressure to deliver an increasing number of outcomes in ever shorter amounts of time.” Sort of like running in front of lava or a landslide. 502 more words


Jessica Ashlyn ♡

This is a letter I found in my drafts on my blog written by my 13 year old sister.

This is to the best sister of all times! 578 more words


Why do we need a Mother’s Day?

5 reasons why we need to celebrate the Mother’s Day:

  1. You take her for granted for rest of 363 days. (Considering she would be also pampered on her Birthday)
  2. 146 more words

Losing Your Rhythm

Anyone needing an easy laugh should come to my Jazzercise class on days the instructor works in routines that require clapping. Since I have yet to master the ability move my feet and clap my hands at the same time, the result is an earnest yet ridiculous, Jerry Lewis-like flailing. 344 more words


Movie Buddies!

At 9.30, I took my phone out of bag, called Di to discuss a trip we are planning to take. Taps (Di’s better half) picks up… 395 more words




How many screenshots do you have in your gallery? More than 100?  More than 500? Or more than 1000? I am not kidding. I have a friend and he has more than 1000 screenshots of cars, bikes, chicks, quotes and interesting interior references (since he is in interior designing). 322 more words


Kantaaro aave chhe!

Kantaaro aave chhe!

Have you ever wondered that Kantaaro aave chhe kyathi? Is he a he or a she? Taking “o” from Chokro, looks like a he! 351 more words