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Surely, it has become a huge fashion statement to wear all black! Black is is the new pink, right?

No this does not always mean we are gothic — yes, I have actually had people call me this before. 133 more words


Becca Takes On the Waltz

I don’t dance. Like ever. I also don’t like dressing up. In a previous post, I talked about shopping for dresses because of a dance my friends convinced me to go to. 235 more words


prior to Valentine's Day

I have been thinking about relationships and the lack of I guess maybe because Valentine’s Day is approaching. Well, I think some people have a stigma associated with relationships because they have either been bitter about past relationships or they have never been in one so they choose, instead, to be bitter and not open minded about meeting someone. 460 more words

Girly Things

Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads!

This post might be on a feminine side though it can be educational on all of us.

So my last monthly visit experience was so dreadful. 543 more words

Cloth Pads


Me and my best girlfriend were going to go to this two-hour speed dating thing tonight. I’ve always wanted to try it: it’s one of my bucket list items, like bungee jumping at an amusement park. 1,876 more words

Daily Anecdotes

Gossip Girl

I know this sounds a little silly, but I honestly believe that the show Gossip Girl has impacted lives. If you have never seen the show before, I’m going to put it in a nutshell for you. 501 more words