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Leave out all the rest


The sun shone brightly on the narrow streets of New York. A girl with light blond hair walked the streets with a cheerful smile. She was happily passing the streets on her way back home. 724 more words


Just one yesterday


It was never supposed to be like this. They were supposed to find peace, not war. Their greed got the better of them. There was no other choice. 975 more words


New Challenge Day 3: Shopping!!

Though I love shopping, I definitely don’t love it as much as some girls. I have to really be in the mood for it, but who am I kidding…7 times out of 10 I’m in the mood. 107 more words

30 Day Challenge


This morning, I heard someone say “women hold up half the sky”, and I thought, “I would be happy if most people just held up their half of the conversation.”  I’m hosting an event this evening where I will spend a lot of time chatting and being charming. 386 more words


Let me in


“These pants look horrible on me.”

“Diana, you look good. So can we go now?”

“Margaret, you promised to help me with this, so show some enthusiasm.” 1,552 more words


Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

March 17, 2015. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last night I took a break from studying from finals and read a book. Yes, the whole book. It was only 140 and some odd pages and was not a difficult read. 379 more words

Times up


“Pamela, you look so fabulous with that curly hair.”

“Thanks Simone. I wish I could say the same to you.”

With a look of failure the wannabe queen walked off. 1,065 more words