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Rhubarb, Vanilla, Orange, Ginger Compote

So much rhubarb in this week’s CSA basket.  I still haven’t dealt with last week’s offering.  Green apple hued stalks with blushes of pink are piling up in my refrigerator.   579 more words


Redhead Renaissance: Once kicked and maligned, gingers are embracing their roots, and taking over pop culture

Once burned at the stake, redheads have more recently endured teasing and bullying — while popular culture has portrayed them as either geeks and losers or hot-tempered seductresses. 1,635 more words


Summer's Coming - Veggie Quinoa Salad

Good stuff this – lots of protein, veggies, flavor – easy to make and easier to eat. Good to keep in the fridge for munching, a quick meal, or to a cookout or potluck. 205 more words


Flu Fighter Smoothie

In the past month it seems as though everyone around me has been sick.. Boooo.

So I whipped up this delicious green smoothie to help keep me healthy. 174 more words

Clean Eating

Green tea is Clipper

Green tea is good but often drank by its self can tasted a little unpleasant in my opinion. My husband enjoys drinking it however as not to punish him by simply buying just green tea without anything added I’m always thoughtful and put into the shopping trolley a tasty green tea. 98 more words

Greg's Mom Ginger Shares Her Excitement For The Warriors

Fernando and Greg got Greg’s mom Ginger on the phone this morning. She’s a big warriors fan just like her son and she was disappointed that she couldn’t find him in the crowd during the game. 20 more words


Simple Chicken Curry

Curries are a staple in our house hold – chicken, lamb and goat mostly.

This is a very simple recipe and I hope that you try it. 279 more words