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A birthday quilt

My grandmother was a quilter and an amazing lady.  She passed away last spring at the age of 94.

I love that we have so many of her quilts and it made me want to spend my time not only making clothes but making things that we can (hopefully) use for years to come.   316 more words


I think that I may be very suggestible, I’m probably an advertisers dream. (Shame for them that I don’t have a disposable income at the moment.) I’ve been reading the Vish Puri detective series and it makes me really crave both chai and whisky. 435 more words


Late Birthday Post (My Presents!!!)

I got so many gifts this year: early, on time, and late. And my 20th birthday was the best everrr, I felt so loved! I got food, clothes, makeup, scarves, jewelry, everything I wanted~ 244 more words


Things I Didn't Need, after all

There were a few things I registered for that, in the end, I really didn’t need.

1 – Multiple bottles. I registered for 3 different types, thinking I would use them, or that it would be good to have a variety in case Baby wasn’t a fan of one type. 187 more words


The Lady Next Door Played Her Piano

The lady next door played her piano
Her soft music filtered into the quiet night
Cradling me in her melody
So peaceful, so sweet like a lullaby… 226 more words


The Different Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential oils are a common ingredient that are found in most natural products for relaxation. Since these oils are currently available in the open market place these days, a lot of people may assume incorrectly that there is no need to learn anything about them. 548 more words


Create the Perfect Basket for Every-Bunny

Have you ever wondered where in the world the Easter basket tradition came from? In short, the story originated in Germany, where you can still find many old churches with stone carvings and paintings of rabbits in groups of three (representing the Holy Trinity). 208 more words