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Nettle Foraging, Food Surplus Cafe & Exciting Part-Time JOBS!

Hello All!

Hope you’re enjoying a spectacularly sunny day. Spring is well and truly sprung and blossom coats the trees and pavements beneath – if you’ve got blossoming fruit trees, or spy them whilst out & about we’d love you to… 325 more words


What Is A Gift Economy and How Can It Reduce Waste?

Today is your lucky day! Today you’re getting an economics lesson.

Most of us remember (hopefully) what the different kinds of economic systems are from high school economics classes: traditional, market, command and mixed. 803 more words


10 things to make the world a better place, here and now

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Most of us has good intentions. We all would like the environment to be in better shape, the people in the South and also in the North to have better living conditions, we all would like the world to be a better place to live, for us and our children. 984 more words


A More Beautiful World: The Space Between Stories

How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.

― Charles Eisenstein

I’m taking an eCourse over the next six weeks called the Space Between Stories…

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Gratis Vs Sin Reservas

por Thuy Nguyen  (Marzo 19, 2015)  

Hoy, después de haber recibido acupuntura durante mi turno de trabajo basado en donaciones, un paciente me preguntó porqué estaba “regalando” tratamientos tan increíbles de manera gratuita. 1,065 more words

Technology habits and the connections that really matter

Over the past five years, I have gradually become attached to a laptop. A couple of months ago, I reluctantly got a smart phone. Of course I know I am not all-that-strange for these personal facts, but as one who prefers to be more centered on my spiritual life and my relationship with God than on  846 more words


Cycles of Exchange

This post was inspired by eGaia, a book by Dr Gary Alexander about the big picture of how we got where we are and where we could be headed. 1,693 more words

Collective Consciousness