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You Should Have Seen the Lightning!

It was on the night of the ghosts’ road trip

The night the owls grew antlers

And pushed the sun back for a longer night… 53 more words

Archivist Wasp

Title: Archivist Wasp

Author: Nicole Kornher-Stace

Summary: Wasp was chosen by the goddess Catchkeep to become an Archivist – the person who will protect her desolate village from the hordes of wordless, mindless ghosts that swarm just outside the walls. 276 more words

Science Fiction And Fantasy

Haunted Tales on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! I should be back home this weekend with work wrapping up on Friday. Got some ideas for new articles to post and maybe starting a fictional section on the blog. 41 more words


Mental Illness, Hallucinations, and the Spirit Realm

One commonly accepted belief that I question is that if someone suffering from a mental illness has witnessed paranormal activity, they must be suffering from hallucinations. 1,374 more words

Ghostbusters Reboot Uniforms and Proton Pack

Paul Feig is all about sharing on his Twitter a look into the world of the filming of the new Ghostbusters Reboot.  Monday it was the uniforms and yesterday it was the “unlicensed nuclear accelerators” the girls will wear on their backs to catch the ghosts with. 150 more words


16 Haunting Photos You'll Wish You NEVER Saw

Featured image credit: Flickr: monkeywing

Deceased relatives appearing in picnic photos? Gruesome pics of unsolved murders and eerie photos of people who weren’t there when the camera clicked? 8 more words