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Ghost in the Machine: Reflections on the Poetry of Xu Lizhi

M Reagan

Borrowed from the philosophy of mind, specifically critiques of Cartesian conceptions of mind-body duality, the idea of the “ghost in the machine” has taken on changing meanings since its introduction in the post war period. 662 more words

Big decision

Due to certain forewarnings from certain individuals and guides I will no longer be actively investigating negative sites. I will continue to assist those that need it. 150 more words



Father’s in the yard

And Mother’s in the kitchen.

Why won’t they move on?

Creative Writing

Newsletter - ED Letter

Throughout Kimochi’s 44 years of service to seniors in the community, there is no doubt of San Francisco’s rapidly changing demographics. Over the years, as our community continues to disperse throughout the Bay Area, we hope to continue to meet the needs of our seniors and their families by expanding our services further into the Peninsula. 219 more words


Program Booklet - ED Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Kimochi Spirit Awards.

Each year we take the time to celebrate the incredible dedication and contribution made by both individuals and organizations in support of Kimochi’s mission to provide care to the seniors in the community-fittingly so, during the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 224 more words



Words, are, after all, Jack thought, only the sounds of the publishable.

Before he headed out to the desert, before he met the hitch-hikers, Jack stopped at the Lava Caves near Mt. 1,182 more words

All American Horror

Insidious 3

Greetings once again, all you ghoulies.  And welcome back to The Unholy Cathedral.  Don’t mind the creaky doors… this place hasn’t been used for quite some time.   1,409 more words