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Mystery Wrapped In an Enigma ~ Secrets

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma:
Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

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365 Days Of Blogging

Poltergeist Kids part 1

Ever walked into a room in a fantastic mood but for some reason the second you settle into the rooms atmosphere your mood changes? this could be due to a collective mood in the room, or if its a bar/club perhaps a particularly dark genre of music shifts everyone’s mood to a darker place. 621 more words


Urban Fantasy Archetypes: Ghosts

This blog is the fourth installment in examining the changing meaning of story tropes in urban fantasy.

People have told ghost stories throughout human history. We like them because they often have a ring of truth. 1,223 more words

Fiction Writing

Is CHARLIE Real? The History Behind the Demon Who Wants to Play #CHARLIECHARLIEchallenge

If you’re an Internet person, you’d know all about it! The spirit quest pencil game has once again become popular and has taken the Internet by storm. 392 more words


Flavor of the month: Spirit Communication and the Charlie Charlie Challenge!

Last month it was sucking on shot-glasses. This month’s episode of ‘What’s sending kids to therapy’ seems to be the #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

The newest craze this month is to scare yourself senseless using two pencils and a piece of paper with the aid of a friendly Mexican Demon called Charlie. 1,310 more words



you crept into my waking dreams again
then spent the whole day as a ghost
all i could do is wonder then
is if it was i that haunted you the most… 91 more words