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Attack of the Pollen (unless it's just another cold). So here's a bit of a ghost story...

Pounding, twinging, aching sinuses. I’d be 100% certain it’s allergies except my stomach is off too, although that could also be a result of having had that third coffee / second café mocha this afternoon. 351 more words

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Home for Dinner...

15 years ago…

“it’s your destiny to find love elsewhere, you must leave for your own good.” Fortune teller told a woman.

Her heart sank. “Maybe it is the time to leave” she thought. 1,338 more words

City Life


Killer struck from behind, remaining undetected. But the crime wasn’t perfect. It never is.

There’s always some evidence left behind.

Aha!. Ran off in a hurry and dropped something. 22 more words

Short Story

Preface of "Home for Dinner..."

I am about to tell a story. A love story, which originally developed from a ghost story, I heard from a radio show years ago. 255 more words


May 27, 2015: Gentleman Jack

The wine tasted a little funny, a little thick, but I wasn’t about to be a bad guest.
I use the word guest lightly.
I wasn’t invited into this house. 479 more words

Strange News

Dividing Up the Dead

By Dara Cook

There are so many classic Ozark ghost stories that it’s hard to choose which ones to share.  Some will send shivers down your spine, others will haunt your dreams and make you think about it for days after.   463 more words


Dream Girl by Miranda Lewis

This short novel is now available on Kindle. If an experimental dream journey appeals, perhaps you’ll enjoy Dream Girl. It’s classified as Young Adult… 178 more words

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