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Five Ugly Realities of Being a Full Time Writer

I found myself, earlier today, in a position I’ve been in before: telling someone who came to me, asking for advice on a writing career, not to pursue one.   1,264 more words


Pop Quiz

When was the last time someone asked you anything about you? You, you. Not what your name is, where you work, what you make (I live in the DMV, this is amazingly common) or any thing of that sort. 1,124 more words


Summer To-Do: Checking In 6/28

It’s been a little over two weeks since I posted about my summer to-do list, so I thought I’d check in.  You know – accountability and such. 701 more words


11 Random Things

I was tagged the other day by the wonderful Laura from WaffleMama to take part in ’11 Random Things’.

Below are my answers to here questions: 518 more words


Political Campaign Stores Raking In Not Only Cash, But A Treasure Trove Of Data For Candidates

In an age when data is just as powerful as money, it may come as no surprise to learn that sales of political stickers, T-shirts, buttons, mugs and other merchandise emblazoned with a candidate’s brand not only go toward filling campaign coffers with money, but also provide presidential hopefuls with valuable personal data that sheds light on what kind of people/voters are out there shopping. 435 more words

Ten Questions: Getting to Know Me

Someone suggested another questions and answers post and so here it is, I did one on my about me page I think and I don’t think any of the questions repeat. 560 more words


Something New for Saturday: Infinity Dreams

Blogging 101 has challenged those of us in the course to add a blog role to our sites this week. I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  1,669 more words