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Sitting is killing you!

Good morning!

I have always had a very strong stance on how much someone sits, especially in today’s society where technology has us grounded more than usual. 141 more words

Exercise of The Week: Dumbbell Skier Swing

This week we are going to be working with some dumbbells for a little bit. As usual I try searching to web and my books to see if there are any exercises out there that could spice up my routine. 212 more words

Fitness Motivation

Pursuit of a Passion: Week 5- Support: The Key to Success

The previous Kick It Like Mom article Unlocking Your Potential talked about how much focus we put on our children’s potential rather than on our own and asked the question: … 717 more words

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7 Simple ways to encourage healthy living in children

Childhood obesity is something that flies under the radar here in Nigeria. It’s there but nobody’s really talking about it. You know when you see those kids running around the mall with their belly hanging over their jeans like a baby whale? 706 more words

Heart Rates in the Pool

nother day, another debate with my friend the TI Coach. This time it was over heart rates during training. I don’t usually consider myself having pushed myself until I’m hitting around 180 for my heart rate, and my warm ups are usually around 100-120 heart rate when I am really slacking. 473 more words


Love Your Heart, Love Yourself!

February was American Heart Month and as it comes to a close it serves as a great reminder for us all (Fit Mamas included!) to check in with your heart. 408 more words

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