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Crunching The Numbers: Month 2 of German Class

Month 2 of my intensive German course is over, so how did I go this month compared to the previous one?  Unfortunately this month I was less motivated than I was in January. 317 more words

German Language

Grammar vs. Vocabulary

Here comes a good dilemma: When beginning to learn a new language, do you focus first on vocabulary, or on grammar? There are many accomplished polyglots who choose differently and advocate their method to be the best. 732 more words


How to learn German without really trying too hard

Learning a language involuntarily is possible. In many cases, whether someone is moving to a new country or finds himself in a context where the foreign language is spoken, the learner is not even aware of being one. 836 more words

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A fruitful week in Germany


Hello …. are you still here? I am back in cyberspace, after having spent a week in isolation from the outer world at this German hospital. 1,382 more words

In the Ears of the Beholder

It might come as a surprise for me to pick German to learn.  German gets a lot of slack for not being a Romantic language.  When asked to mimic a German accent, most people emphasize the harshness of the language, making it out to be the varieties of sounds a particularly vicious animal can make when it’s being choked.   169 more words


Felix Anschütz et al. - Entschuldigung, sind Sie die Wurst?

This book is a collection of conversations that have been overheard by others and are collected on a homepage. Now, they are published in several books. 293 more words


How Do You Fight the Blues?

Happy Wednesday. Happy hump day. How are you surviving the long winter?

I specifically asked for a HappyLight (http://www.verilux.com/light-therapy-lamps/winter-blues/?gclid=CIKKqpiH68MCFYY_aQodboIAsQ) this past Christmas, and I got one. 582 more words

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