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Judex (1963) & Nuits Rouges (1974)

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At first glance Judex (1963) and Nuits rouges (1974) might seem like chalk and cheese. One is in black and white with a marked interest in orthochromatic effects, the other is in vivid seventies colour. 1,221 more words

Eyes Without A Face (Les yeux sans visage) (1960)

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An agitated woman (Alida Valli) drives a car through the rainy darkness, occasionally glancing nervously through the rear-view mirror at the trench-coated figure, face hidden beneath a hat, slumped in the back seat. 859 more words

My Next Halloween Costume: Judex

the professional magic might be a little harder to pull off.

"Goodnight Mommy" - Sweet Dreams

Goodnight Mommy, which we saw on Saturday as part of the New Directors New Films series, is not scheduled to open in this country until August, but I’m too excited by the film to wait until then to write about it. 517 more words


Losing face: the hysteria of identity in face-swapping films

For the most part we all grow up with this idea that the person you are is separate from the sack of skin and bones you lug it around in. 1,123 more words


Eyes Without a Face

With a few exceptions scattered throughout the past hundred years or so of feature filmmaking, the French never really embraced the horror film. Instead, drawing from a literary tradition capped by the writing of Gaston Leroux and Victor Hugo, the French response to what we in the United States (and Britain, and Italy, and Japan, and…well, most of the world) define as horror was… 2,880 more words

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Eyes Without a Face (1960)

As the camera pans down a line of people on a sidewalk in Paris waiting to buy theater tickets, an attractive middle-aged woman approaches Edna Gruber, a Swiss college student played by Juliette Mayniel. 1,183 more words