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The reason why libtard America won't go after George Takei for racist remark...

When George Takei made that racist remark calling Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface”… it came to no surprise to me that libtard America was gonna be quick to defend him. 340 more words


Lt. Sulu's Comments About Gay Marriage Opponents Deemed "Highly Illogical"

BEL AIR, CA (The Barbed Wire) – It’s been a week since the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision regarding same-sex marriage, everyone has had time to read the small print in all of the opinions, and some members of the Gaystapo are taking full advantage. 310 more words


Take 2: George Takei sorry he 'spoke in the heat of anger, and uncivilly'

George Takei originally defended his comment that Clarence Thomas was a “clown in blackface” by also saying that Thomas “abdicated his African American heritage.”

Takei’s followed that up with what could be seen as a statement of regret. 203 more words

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Dear George Takei

James 4:11 – Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brothe, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. 1,292 more words

Sorry, George Takei, You Don’t Get A Pass With Me

Mr. Hikaru Sulu, otherwise humanly known George Takei, a dearly loved character and popular Facebook personality, while also seemingly beloved by the LGBT community for his aggressive advocacy for anti-discriminatory, marriage equality. 267 more words


The liberals & black people like to call everyone racist but they don't call George Takei racist...

It’s no surprise to see that George Takei is playing innocent victim and he clearly defends himself… sure enough, liberals are praising the hell out of him going, “Oh George, you’re so right. 352 more words