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The Three Times Leonard Nimoy's Spock Helped Reduce the Race Relations Gap

Leonard Nimoy is dead. WHY!? I feel like the stereotypical woman who throws herself over the casket asking, “WHY, GOD! WHY!” But, as much as I feel like that woman who’s still holding on, this article isn’t going to be a eulogy (or at least, it won’t be a traditional one). 1,759 more words


03/02/15 Live Long and Prosper

By now, you as well as every one else, in all the various universes have heard of the death of Spock (Here on Earth, sometimes referred to as Leonard Nimoy).   852 more words

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F*&%$#G Facebook---I love you; I hate you...

The final victim of my Social Media Binge and Purge was Facebook—that grotesquely huge leviathan of banality. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it seems to me that Facebook has degenerated into the most trivial of places, where hardly anybody says anything of substance. 1,461 more words


Love Teaser

As I pondered what to make of this teaser whether it would be one or three chapters. I decided on two, yes I am that kind of man. 8,755 more words


Go Boldly: The Legacy of Leonard Nimoy

The world received sad news this week when Leonard Nimoy passed away. For those that don’t know, Nimoy was best known as his role as Spock in the original Star Trek. 510 more words

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