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The (Un)Inevitability of War Between China and America

And the Destabilization of North Korea

By JC Collins

As the world continues the shift from a unipolar American dominated world to a multilateral world based on the fair political and economic representation of all countries, there remains flashpoints of tension and possible conflict in regions of the world which have acted as hinges, or gateways, for American hegemony. 1,395 more words


Russia Doing More Probing Than a Proctologist

Between Russian jets over the Baltic and Western European airspace, and this inappropriate flirting with Guam, I am reminded of the scene from Alien where the creature is about to birth itself from someone’s chest cavity and you can see the skin being pushed and stretched. 50 more words


Russians steer cash to Swiss Alps

Over the past few years, Russians have been transferring ever larger amounts of money abroad. Switzerland now tops the list of destinations. Why is this? 1,148 more words


Lord Rothschild, Dark Days Coming

Lord Rothschild characterized the geopolitical situation in the world as the most dangerous since the end of WWII, warning investors about a forthcoming crisis.

Lord Rothschild has warned about the dark cloud on the horizon for the global economy, characterizing the geopolitical situation as the most dangerous since the end of World War II. 348 more words

Capital Partners

Shanghai 1937: Stalingrad on the Yangtze by Peter Harmsen

My high school history experience left me with little knowledge of twentieth-century history outside of the United States. If memory serves me correctly, most of my history class was spent discussing WWII, the Soviet Union, Communism, Vietnam, and Civil Rights. 406 more words


Outcry as IS 'wrecks' Assyrian site

This news completely depressed me, and outraged me, this morning. I have a degree in archeology and studied about this site,  in one context or another, and to have these ISIS buffoons destroy Nimrod is deplorable.  69 more words


Fixing A Problem the Right Way

I recently wrote about how we should be careful about playing the racist card in many of the incidents that seem to keep popping up in the news of late. 479 more words