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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Woods Hole, in deep winter

This is from Brian Switzer, and is called “Frozen Woods Hole From Above”.

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Toby Wan Kenobe?

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The World's Most Deadly Volcanoes

The most fateful and tragic explosions of rock, lava, ash and gas.

Last August, in southern Iceland, the flanks of the volcano Bardarbunga ripped open and fountains of lava spouted skyward. 2,092 more words

Natural World

Another SO2 paper!

Following on my recent paper about Sulphur dioxide from volcanoes, another one has just come out. This time, I am a lot further down the author list and wrote about 3% of the paper, rather than 99%. 134 more words


Estimation of Apollo lunar dust transport using optical extinction measurements [CL]


A technique to estimate mass erosion rate of surface soil during landing of the Apollo Lunar Module (LM) and total mass ejected due to the rocket plume interaction is proposed and tested. 137 more words