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a brilliant incoming postcard from thomas brown (also known as bhomas trown / brown mega corporation) of baltimore, maryland received a few days ago. thomas designs & produces his own stamps and his work seems to exist in the liminal space between the digital & the physical, something of a surreal dreamstate with particular symbology, signage & slogans Рan illusory state peppered with encoded signposts. thank you, thomas!


Spending the weekend folding polyhedra and finding convex internal angles

So I’ve managed to resolve the circle construction question from a few posts back and determined¬†that any number n can be constructed by a fairly small number of operations; more precisely the 2-logarithm the number but I’ve put off putting together a good description of the proof as I’ve been preoccupied with school, work, and another new mini-project: Polyhedra. 497 more words

On investigation of channelling, telepathy and human behavior

I have difficulty on writing this article in an appropriate scientific report especially in dealing with appropriate format, review, methodology and discussion. It is always much easier to write informally. 4,896 more words

The "rope around the Earth" problem

My son ran into a version of the classic “rope around the Earth” problem yesterday. The common version of the problem goes something like this: 311 more words

April, 25th

re you enjoying your Saturday so far? Hope so!
I hope I will manage to buy some new painting tools this weekend, I am running out of inks and my paintbrushes don’t look that good. 9 more words

Two nice problems shared by David Coffey and Federico Chialvo

I saw two neat problems for kids on twitter this week and went through them with the boys this morning.

First up, the problem shared by David Coffey: 488 more words