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Polygons are closed planar shapes with three or more sides:


Vertices: The corners of the polygons are called vertices.

Consecutive sides: Consecutive sides are those which have a vertex in common. 58 more words


Quadrilaterals: parallelograms (Square, Rectangle and Rhombus)


Unlike trapezoids, which are quadrilaterals with only one pair of opposite sides as parallel, if both the pairs of opposite sides are parallel, the quadrilateral is called a… 139 more words


Triangles: equilateral, isosceles and scalen

Types of triangles 

Triangles are classified into various types, using two different parameters – the lengths of their sides and the measure of their angles-. 267 more words


Geometry Fundamentals

Follow this videos that show you the geometry fundamentals that we saw in the previous lessons:


Giulio Vesprini 'Cosmometrie' at Studio D'Ars, Milano

Today opens Cosmometrie a new exhibition by Italian artist Giulio Vesprini at Studio D’Ars in Milan.
Cosmometrie, organized as part of Parentesi Aperte project and created by the gallery’s curator Alessandra Ioalé, will be showcasing new and unpublished works in paper that give form to the artist’s passion about geometric forms, colours and nature and the way they relate to the surrounding environment. 52 more words