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Wine is not a sacriment


.(sp). not holy in the least..

Napa guys showing off sniffing skills ,

so it goes with  New England..vineyards for preps to show off.. 96 more words


The Care and Feeding of Your Millennial

You know us, we’re the 20-30 somethings that are taking over the world.  You’ve raised us, taught us, hired us, loved us, broke up with us, married us, fired us and maybe even divorced some of us. 527 more words


The Graph: The Math of Story, pt. 2

“No bones. Not even a knee cap.”

As if knee caps are a different currency altogether, and, if that were the case, I should have a buried treasure full of gold somewhere, risk-free, in the desert. 456 more words


5 Skills Generation Y Need to Have in the Modern Workforce

Every single year in the economy is different from each other. Believe it or not, consumer, workforce and economic dynamics change rapidly within months. The cause of the change is two folded. 516 more words


The Factory Closed

A Generation X Tale

We were kids when the factories closed. This is significant.

Can you imagine being told that if you work hard in school, keep your nose clean, and watch your social Ps & Qs you’d get a job right out of high school, and if you went to college, you’d get a career? 677 more words

Social Science


We talk too much, Miranda, her feverish sister Sasha said, in her low voice, no secrets come out without silence.

I do. Somehow I’ve come to believe that the last thing a writer or any artist thinks about is to make himself comfortable while he’s working.

649 more words

Young Managers

With the world developing quickly and people living in such a fast paced environment, the workplace is really changing dynamics. Students that are graduating are moving into a management position quicker than ever before, which is creating a slight problem. 197 more words