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The Heartbeat of GenX and the Millennials

Most Baby Boomers will be gone within the next twenty five years and the long future now belongs to generations younger than us. While we’re not done shaping human experience yet, my current conundrum tells me the time has come for me to trust the younger generations to do exactly what we did. 590 more words


Move Over, Nano!

This is the makeover season! Latest to join the makeover bandwagon is Tata Nano. Not the first time though that the company has resorted to breathe a new ‘life’ into the Nano. 115 more words

Following the GenX, with the GenX!

Once upon a time, there was a guy who loved to do whatever his heart told him to. He used to travel, write, attend concerts and irritate people with his poor puns, an activity he enjoyed the most. 1,175 more words

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Wine is not a sacriment


.(sp). not holy in the least..

Napa guys showing off sniffing skills ,

so it goes with  New England..vineyards for preps to show off.. 96 more words


The Care and Feeding of Your Millennial

You know us, we’re the 20-30 somethings that are taking over the world.  You’ve raised us, taught us, hired us, loved us, broke up with us, married us, fired us and maybe even divorced some of us. 527 more words


The Graph: The Math of Story, pt. 2

“No bones. Not even a knee cap.”

As if knee caps are a different currency altogether, and, if that were the case, I should have a buried treasure full of gold somewhere, risk-free, in the desert. 456 more words


5 Skills Generation Y Need to Have in the Modern Workforce

Every single year in the economy is different from each other. Believe it or not, consumer, workforce and economic dynamics change rapidly within months. The cause of the change is two folded. 516 more words