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What Have You Done for Me Lately? : The Angry Precariat Uprising Is Coming

Dear Corporation(s): You’re in for it. You  are at the precipice of an ocean of backlash from a workforce that has suffered nearly a decade of salary stagnation, job insecurity and corporate upheaval. 843 more words


It's Harder To Be A Gen-X Parent Than To Parent A Gen-Xer: Reason #1, Standardized Testing

My mother-in-law has said more than once that being a parent today is so much more difficult than it used to be. I think she might be right, so I am launching a series here to invite commiseration, which I am calling, It’s Harder to Be a Gen-X Parent Than to Parent a Gen-Xer. 1,159 more words

Generation X

The Leadership We Need Now

“It’s an act of rebellion to show up as someone trying to be whole.” Courtney Martin

“Complexity can only be held by community.” Parker Palmer… 331 more words


GeNeRatioNal ShifT

HEY! I’ve been reading a lot of articles about my generation – Generation X. Seems to be a lot of enthusiastically challenged or rant-y articles out there on the subject – why is GenX being left out, they’ve always been the latchkey kids, only Boomers and Millenials are mentioned. 1,304 more words


Flawed Millennial Views

The problem: Those stereotypes actually appear to be wrong. Or at least, that’s the finding of a recent report by IBM’s business consulting arm, which surveyed some 1,784 employees of different age groups in 12 countries and six industries.  16 more words


Finding Value, Part 1

It was axiomatic as a brand new lieutenant I was expected to join the Officer’s Club. I read about the expectation in my Air Force Officer’s Guide… 599 more words