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내 언어

내 언어에는 명사마다 성별이 없기 때문인지, 거기다 현재 명사마다 성별이 남성, 여성, 또는 중성으로 있는 언어를 배우고 있기 때문인지 더더욱 누군가의 성별을 밝히는 데 거부감이 들고 있다.



Jag har lite svårt att förstå gnället över tjej och kille. Vissa aspekter förstår jag när det kommer till kvinnosyn osv. Men men. Detta är en diskussion jag inte ska ge mig in i. 100 more words


The Tree Canopy

Istanbul is not a particularly green city, being densely populated and not especially interested in environmental issues. However, the trees are all leafing out right now, and I’ve been delighted to find many familiar genus living here. 271 more words

Fossil Pushes Back Human Origins 400,000 Years

This partial lower jaw from Ethiopia is the oldest example of our genus Homo.

Courtesy of Ann Gibbons @ Sciencemag.org:

On a hot January morning 2 years ago, Chalachew Seyoum was searching for fossils at a desolate site in Ethiopia called Ledi-Geraru, where no human ancestor had turned up in a decade of searching. 1,069 more words



We are all related – sounds nice doesn’t it? Like were all going to sit around the campfire singing kumbaya.

Everyone knows that isn’t going to happen and what it pretty much… 303 more words

🍃This is "Mint"!! 🍃.......You gotta Read this!!!

Ok so why talk about Mint?

Not a recipe post, nor is it weed..lol.. but a little tutorial or information desk here, just for my reference of course. 447 more words

Spoiled Raw'tn

Winning Science April 11, 2015

In case you missed it, this week the Brontosaurus was re-established as its own genus (sort of).  Brontosaurus was, of course, formerly believed for many years to have been an incorrectly categorized Apatosaurus.  400 more words

Winning Science