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Friday Cool - When Burtons Are Your Friend

So after years of of lurking on the wrong side of Friday Cool in waist size terms, I have suddenly found that a big weight loss has left me looking somewhat lost inside most of my trousers. 62 more words

Friday Cool

"Never play on a lady's weakness or insecurities ... or anyone's for that matter. That's evil, and desperate."

So how many women have you been with? 

I’ve dated 4-6 girls when I was in HS/College and earlier on when I started working; and have met over a dozen ladies in XXX the last decade or so.   529 more words

Quote of the day.

“And now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needing stitches.”

-shawn mendez


Sam. And Calm Your Tits.

Ok, I wasn’t going to write about Sam right away, but given the feedback I’ve gotten about my last post, I think I should, just so you know that I do actually talk to/date nice men too. 1,040 more words


Quote of the day.

“Seek to be worth knowing rather that be well known.”