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From time to time I am going to put up a few short stories I have written. So here is the first one called ‘Alone’ 3,680 more words


An experience of writing in the first person

I remember when I had finished my first novel I really needed a beta reader, but at the time I had no one whom I could ask, and considering the beginning of the book is about religion I wanted to find some people who where fundamentalist Christians to test it out, just so I could see if it was going to cause lots of angst with them. 214 more words


New book Is frustrating

I really love to write fantasy, but I find it a daunting task to say the least. I started with creating a map of the world, filling in all the mountains, seas, rivers, creeks towns, cities etc. 445 more words


London’s five best record shops

We all know how important music is to Londoners. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re looking for, you will find what you need in London’s many record shops. 420 more words


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O.L.D. 77's "The Devil Inside" new Album: schizoid death metal from Old Temple Records

Twelve new tracks comprise contents The Devil Inside are even more obscene , profane Death Metal face of the band , precisely targeted in all holiness of earths vale . 65 more words


Pop Chart Lab Fiction Genres

This is a lovely map of fiction genres by Pop Chart Lab

‘Peruse literature’s myriad modes with this plotting of fiction’s prominent genres. From broad story classifications to some truly punctilious partitioning, each genre is represented here by a hand-illustrated book cover, then branches further into subcategories and sub-subcategories as merited—providing at least two representative works for each. 51 more words


Without All the Love by Ginger King

My series The Lost and Found while not necessarily romance in genre, does contain some romance because the stories are all about loving in difficult situations.  650 more words