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Excerpt from the NA Romantic Fantasy, Sachael Dreams


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Once back on the sand with my belongings, I turned to face the sea. The moon was closer to the earth than usual tonight—its size dominating the horizon. 1,371 more words


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Last Friday of February!

That has zero significance, but I thought I’d say it.

So, before we hop into tonight’s drabble, I have a few announcements. 291 more words

Jake Bible

To Succeed I Feel I Need An Actual Win State: Endless Runners In Video Games

When people first established video games, they often tried to incorporate the rules and ideas that came from other games, sports, board or other. One of these key conditions is that you have a condition which results in victory, some form of completion, defeat of all obstacles before you. 998 more words


Developing a Novel With the Algonkian Writer Conference

I was investigating the San Francisco Write to Market Conference when I came across this page, Algonkian Writer Conferences Pre-Event Writer Assignments. This conference seems much more like an intensive workshop and the assignments are intriguing. 85 more words

Fiction Writing

Does literary have to mean dull and boring?

Looking for likely publishers for my pile of finished mss I came across one that looked promising, asking for ‘adult literary fiction’. As per the submissions guidelines, that precluded only children’s, YA, and poetry. 522 more words


Choosing a Kind Target Audience

As I write, even a first draft, I am constantly thinking about two things: quality and reception. These are absolutely the WRONG things to be thinking about while drafting, for all sorts of reasons, but they happen beyond my control. 592 more words


Women in Horror – Shared Pages: Claire C Riley

I chose this female horror writer for my spotlight because her story “Choices” in the Let’s Scare Cancer to Death anthology presents strong emotions from realistic characters. 51 more words