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How to: Submit to a Publisher

Have a great story? Want to get it published? Look no further! We can tell you how.


What is YA? YA stands for Young Adult, which is a genre of literature that is aimed towards 15-20 year-olds. 2,554 more words


Everything I Do I Do It For You-Bryan Adams & Celine Dion

I was listening to this song covered by the Chipmunks and I discovered Bryan Adams singing it with Celine Dion. They are my two favorite artists. 14 more words


Forever Road by Darius Rucker

I heard every word you said
I’m tryin’ hard to understand
Exactly what it is you need from me

Baby I apologize I never meant to make you cry… 234 more words


Wagon Wheel By Darius Rucker

I will never forget the first time I heard this song. It was at a open mic in Fresno, CA literally a half a block away from my apartment. 457 more words


12 Pointers for Effective Epistle Exposition (pt.2)

Continuing the brief list of a dozen pointers from yesterday…here are four more:

5. Master the whole.  Don’t just preach chunk by chunk through the epistle without getting to grips with the flow of the whole.   177 more words


Fantasy Titles

I was looking at the Goodreads popular fantasy list and noticed an odd trend.
Books had titles like:

Adjective Noun,

or X’s Y, 92 more words