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The County Fare Does GMOs. Or Doesn't. This Is Going to Take Some Thought.

“Hey David, what’s your position on GMOs?”

Back when I was an undergraduate studying political science, I did some work with a state senator who was running for national office, and I became acquainted with the “sound bite dilemma.”  It turns out that if you want to generate a quote that can be used on the evening news (which was still relevant way back then), you have to keep your comments very simple.  899 more words


Chipotle just went GMO-free — a savvy move to impress Millennials by John Kell - APRIL 27, 2015, 1:08 PM EDT

The decision to cut GMOs can be viewed as a bet on the younger generations in America.

Chipotle co-CEO Steve Ells has argued Millennials are willing to pay “a little more for something they recognize as better.” 185 more words


Now That Chipotle Is GMO-Free, Will More Restaurant Chains Follow Suit?

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — Chipotle says it has completed phasing out genetically modified ingredients from its food.

The Denver-based chain had already been using mostly non-GMO ingredients, but said in late 2013 it was working on transitioning to a tortilla that did not use them. 242 more words


Is the GMO Labeling Movement Just a Long Con to Get You to Buy Organic?

In a recent New York Times column, Mark Bittman compared consumers to lab animals subjected to an experiment. “Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs,” the headline of his piece lamented.

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Maybe GMOs Could Have Saved Greg

Another (extremely) benevolent GMO

Greg was my big brother, and he left this world four years ago.  He died from a malignant brain tumor that looked like an octopus just inside his left ear, a tumor that declared war on his body.  819 more words

Genetically Modified Organisms

Livestock Fed GMOs Showed No Evidence of Negative Effects, After 19 Years

Globally, food-producing animals consume 70 to 90% of genetically engineered (GE) crop biomass. This review briefly summarizes the scientific literature on performance and health of animals consuming feed containing GE ingredients and composition of products derived from them.

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it was blowin in the wind : GMO

a repost: a story/issue that needs more research and repeal the rider 

AquaBounty …

 is a biotechnology company dedicated to the improvement and productivity in aqua culture. 1,420 more words

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