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Questions About Biological Worm Spray (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki)

I get many questions regarding the use of biological caterpillar (worm) spray. There are many misconceptions about how this valuable tool is used. Let’s clear the air! 382 more words


Avian Flu Side Effects: Propaganda & Denial

The Washington Post — a bastion of corporate media credibility (sic) — recently ran an article about a wave of mass bird deaths.

No, it wasn’t about the 80 million birds killed each year when they collide with plate glass windows in tall buildings or the 60 to 80 million birds killed by motor vehicles. 94 more words

"If You Want More Healthful Food, Then Opposing GMO's Will Accomplish Literally Nothing" (link)

“Even more important, however, is that the entire framing of the debate is wrong. This is not about grassroots people vs the power of large corrupt corporations.

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Conspiracy Theories And Pseudoscience

10 Things You May Not Know About GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a huge advancement in agricultural technology. Wanda wrote a great blog post about some of the most common misconceptions about GMOs. 47 more words


How I Got Converted to GMO Food


In regards to the above article:

This isn’t the first scientist I’ve heard that is practically begging us to stop believing and spreading the misinformation about GMO’s because it’s hurting people. 454 more words

Conspiracy Theories And Pseudoscience

Natural GMO? Sweet Potato Genetically Modified 8,000 Years Ago

Image Credit: U-ichiro Murakami/Flickr.com

The first genetically modified crop wasn’t made by a megacorporation. Or a college scientist trying to design a more durable tomato. Nope. 614 more words


The County Fare Does GMOs. Or Doesn't. This Is Going to Take Some Thought.

“Hey David, what’s your position on GMOs?”

Back when I was an undergraduate studying political science, I did some work with a state senator who was running for national office, and I became acquainted with the “sound bite dilemma.”  It turns out that if you want to generate a quote that can be used on the evening news (which was still relevant way back then), you have to keep your comments very simple.  899 more words