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Genetically modified 'jellyfish lamb' accidentally hits French dinner plates

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A lamb genetically modified to contain a jellyfish protein has entered the food chain in France, plunging Europe’s top agricultural research institute into crisis. 342 more words


Monsanto's Roundup. Enough to Make You Sick.

Monsanto used to manufacture DDT (until it was banned in 1972 after 20 years on the market). Then Monsanto started manufacturing Roundup in 1974. Roundup is Glyphosate. 1,614 more words


Monsanto and the Subjugation of India

By COLIN TODHUNTER | CounterPunch | June 12, 2015

After a study of GMOs over a four-year plus period, India’s multi-party Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture recommended a ban on GM food crops stating they had no role in a country of small farmers.

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GMO Labeling Will Hurt Farmers and Consumers

Trying to convince you that GMO labeling is unnecessary is not the reason for this post. The need to write is to express my opinion about something I read prior to the elections regarding GMO labeling.

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GMO 101 - Always Buy Informed

A good chart from “Follow Your Heart” for those health-conscious people that are looking to find out more about GMO’s. Grow your own vegetables and rediscover what real food tastes like. 46 more words