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Q & A From the Breeding Survey - Kinked Tails causes of?

Some of our readers, who have completed our Breeding Survey, have posted questions which we will research and hope to answer. Thank you to those who have already completed the survey and shared questions with us! 290 more words


Are Writers Born with Talent?

This is a quick break from my normal blog posts.  Usually, I don’t focus on the subject of writing, but  recently there has been an article floating around the writing community in which a former writing teacher claims writers are born with talent.   594 more words


What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease  where the immune system attacks its healthy tissues. This may cause inflammation, pain, swelling, and damage. Most common symptoms to Lupus patients include fatigue, fever, joint pain, extreme sun sensitivity, weight loss, hair loss and a lupus rash. 117 more words



I have discovered is that behaviors are learned. We are not born with them. They are not genetic. We behave in ways that, to some degree, give us what we want or need. 111 more words

A Change Would Do You Good

FDA Allows 23AndMe to Use Its Genetic Kits to Test for Bloom Syndrome

In a significant boost for 23andMe, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed the direct-to-consumer genetics Silicon Valley startup to use its kit to test for a serious genetic disorder known as Bloom Syndrome.

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