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Mutational Acceleration

Study shows humans are evolving faster than previously thought.

Humans are evolving more rapidly than previously thought, according to the largest ever genetics study of a single population. 612 more words


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Bella At The Marketplace

Yet more musings on life... and its basis in intelligence

So, as my Third Grand Goal is to create cute wittle living thingies, I’ve been thinking about exactly what kind of life to create.

Alas, I’ve realized that Ben was right :>. 721 more words

Questions About Biological Worm Spray (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki)

I get many questions regarding the use of biological caterpillar (worm) spray. There are many misconceptions about how this valuable tool is used. Let’s clear the air! 382 more words


Genetic kink

I attended a meeting at my local bdsm club last night and someone made a comment as we were joking about family, “I think kink is genetic”. 109 more words


Myers-Briggs INFP

Earlier, I was reading a blog concerning introversion. This got me thinking a bit.

I am absolutely an introvert. I don’t care to be around people; I prefer the solace of nature. 514 more words

For Fun

Kissing Cousins, Arranged Marriages and Genetic Diversity

From Science Daily, May 2015

In the first study of its kind, a research team led by Massey University professor Murray Cox et al., in a publication in the advanced online edition of… 312 more words