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Chapman, Jake and Dinos, Zygotic Acceleration, Biogenetic, De-Sublimated Libidinal Model, 1995

A discomfiting representation of the sexualization of children, possibly registering either sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or society’s fears about these crimes. Also, where the non-human and the human come to occupy the same unsettling place.


Monsanto: Innovator or stone cold killer?

By Katelyn Hawkes
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Chapter Seventy-seven

Genetrix Labs, Peking Michigan 16 September 2015

Dr Simons held the respiratory tube in the black pit bull’s mouth, while Dr Son inserted the locator chip, by means of a golden wire. 806 more words


Pharma's Vaccines are Secretly Genetically Altering Anyone Forced to Take them

Source: EbolaGate
ebruary 19, 2015

Did you know that the vaccines Congress may mandate for the entire country are GMO vaccines and anyone who gets them is having their DNA altered by them?

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GMO - We Have the Right to Know What's in Our Food

Americans are being force-fed GMO’s without their knowledge or consent. On average, Americans consume more than their weight in GMOs each year – 193 pounds of GMOs per person. 547 more words


Trope-a-Day: Mix-and-Match Man

Mix-and-Match Man: Happened a lot more in the early days of genetic engineering – and still sometimes happens when the spouses in a multiple marriage of one schema or another wish to have a child that’s descended from all of them – but these days, if you want your child to have some specific traits, you just order those sequences out of the Colonial Genetics, Biogenesis, FleshTech, etc., catalog.