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The Halls of Extinction

Doctor Alex von Strikken, PhD, was one of the most well-respected scientists in the small and well-respected field of genetic engineering. He had begun his career in the relatively looked-down upon area of genetic tailoring, customizing people’s children for them as they grew in the womb, but quickly moved out of that distasteful area. 928 more words


TEDxDublin: Cathal Garvey - Bringing biotechnology into the home

An interesting TED talk on ‘Bringing biotechnology into the home’ by Cathal Garvey (http://www.indiebiotech.com/).

Cathal Garvey is a full-time biohacker and a science and computer nerd from Cork, Ireland. 213 more words


New GMO vaccines alter human DNA to produce artificial immunity

(NaturalNews) Recently, scientists took a huge leap forward in developing a radically new form of immunization. Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute reported in February that they had successfully used a new form of gene therapy to induce monkeys to produce an antibody that deactivates HIV. 618 more words


Book Review: Gemsigns by Stephanie Saulter

The price of humanity’s use of computing technology was high. The Syndrome caused degenerative physiological and neurological problems to an ever increasing amount of humanity. The wired age, as we in the 21st century might know, meant a radical change in humanity. 876 more words

Science Fiction

Designer babies won't destroy the human race

There has been a lot of chatter in the media lately about the threat of designer babies to the future of the human race. The United Kingdom… 975 more words

Designer babies and genetically edited humans are coming far sooner than we think

By Kevin Loria

Designer babies, genetically engineered to be super-smart, disease free, and physically fit, are the stuff of science fiction. But science fiction often predicts reality. 29 more words


Chapter Ninety-four

Genetrix Labs, Peking Michigan 17 September 2015

Dr Simons and Tupac stood in front of the enormous aquarium housing Project Ganges.

The beta specimen, nicknamed Turtle Boy by the scientists, sat on his algae-covered reinforced plastic platform, which was set just below water level. 1,219 more words