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Fig Fibs

Driving around the bend would lead you to two rows of sycamore trees planted just before Armstrong set foot on the moon.

In previous decades they were trimmed by hired hands. 1,269 more words


Shutting out the world with headphones

Almost every single person in the carriage on this train has their eyes and/or ears locked into some music, show, app, social media site, the news or a book. 400 more words


Being a Social Media Warrior

Social media is such a powerful tool.  We all know how a viral post can sweep across every social media site and how fast.  We all have a sphere of influence in this world and we can use that for good and for Christ’s purposes or not.  250 more words


Joy on Friday: Green Hope (By Donna VanderGriend)

All winter long Jack prepared for preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

“Jack, do you have your shirt on yet?” His mother’s question aimed its way down the hallway toward the bedroom only to find a little boy trying to tunnel a matchbox-sized race car through an inside-out sleeve. 456 more words

Eulogy of the future

Yesterday I attended a funeral. Apart from being a sad occasion the overall vibe was a celebration of his life. A beautiful serenade of his achievements, life events and often humorous tales shared by his loved ones. 186 more words

Finding the Truth in "La Vérité" (1960)

La Vérité, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s meticulously crafted courtroom procedural, is the curious merger of an old-fashioned director and a New Wave actress. Though two very different styles are on exhibit, they combine seamlessly into an inventive meditation on the difference between two generations. 804 more words


April Photo Blogging Challenge

The year is marching along and here it is already the end of April. And that means it’s time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt was… 364 more words