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May 29, 2015 --- Future Generations Are Depending On You!

Unless you live in a cave off to yourself and are completely unaware, then you, like I, see a society which is crumbling.  We see heartbreak in broken homes — we see parents who fail to parent — we see governments which have forgotten about God, who allowed them to be there ( 276 more words

Joy On Friday: The Second Half of Praise Alphabetized (By Donna Vander Griend)

The first half of Donna’s alphabet can be found here.

Praise to You, God, for being:

Nailed. Such a mind-boggling, heart-moving thing, that suffering-on-the-cross. “You nailed it, God!” we exclaim as we suck in our breaths and surrender to a sin solution that we would have never thought of, or gone through with, if we had. 783 more words

Bound South by Susan Rebecca White - Review

What is the definition of a Southern Lady?

The story consists of snippets of time through the decade of 1998 to 2008, as told by Louise – a forty-ish wife and mother living in a wealthy suburb of Atlanta; Caroline – her rebellious teenage daughter; and Missy – the young daughter of her housekeeper. 146 more words


"I believe the emotions chip is malfunctioning..."

List of things to do today:
-Finish United Federation of Planets painting
-drink 1 quart of water

Oh, good gosh…
Okay, so just so you all know, I was raised on Star Trek; i vividly remember sitting on the couch watching it, when i was three. 171 more words