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I truly and whole-heartedly fear for my son and his generation, not because of the growing dependency on personal tech and/or other trivial or mundane future threats, but the violence and chaos which is growing in various parts of the world. 221 more words



My dad used to say: ‘Surgery accomplished, patient dead.’

To think of it, that’s exactly what happened to him at the age of 92. Suffering from some problems with his skin, the doc prescribed strong medication, which as a side effect limited his digestive functioning. 316 more words



“I’m so sick of Miley and One Direction. Music has gone to shit”

Where in god’s name did this attitude come from? This superiority complex that usually accompanies a record player with the ‘ 334 more words


07.02.2015-Engaging the Best of You and Your Team!

Ever work with your peers on a project and someone does not carry their weight?  What if you are a supervisor, business owner, or human resources professional, have you ever had to deal with a disengaged employee?  101 more words


Are WE Living...Are WE Praying...

Are we praying…and watching…and living in a way that changes the generations…and therefore our Nation? Or are we talking a lot about what is wrong in the world and living a life of careless mediocrity? 212 more words


I Will Sing

Stars, cease your chorus.
You fill the air with ballads,
stories from the beginning,
of the generations,
of life,
and of death.
You speak with certainty, 77 more words