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5 tips for engaging the 'Generation Y' employees among your ranks

As technology evolves over time and the workforce begins to skew younger, it’s inevitable that companies’ strategies for managing their talent must adapt to stay up to date. 487 more words

Answer Me This

What are we fighting for in education? It’s a valid question to think through because sometimes I think we get distracted and fight for the wrong things. 368 more words

The Ergonomics Tsunami

Lately, we have been working with a few dynamic organisations who are taking a serious look at the trajectory of workplace ergonomics and the nature of work itself. 280 more words

Workplace Ergonomics

Millennials Drive Sustainability and Workforce Trends

The environmental generation

As the public becomes more aware of issues like climate change and carbon emissions, our global economy is prioritizing sustainability and alternative energy solutions. 1,410 more words

Corporate Culture

Who the F*ck is Coppe and Paste?

Somehow you’ve found yourself here on this blog, of all the places on the internet to be, so you’re possibly wondering who I am. Or your my mum/sister/boyfriend and in which case, Hi Guys! 417 more words


Hey, what about yesterday?

I am astonished by what‘s going on around me; disturbed, worried, scared.

I stand in wonder while trying to imagine how our lives will be few years from today; but first, let’s start by looking back at our lives only few years ago. 757 more words


A Decade Out

The line sounds like the cliche opening in a movie trailer, but it’s plucked straight from reality: ten years ago, my life changed forever. I was a 17-year-old dreamer who believed in everything, feared nothing, and dove right in. 827 more words

Coming Of Age