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Kids and Technology

So I have two boys at which I have experienced in two very different ways. They are eleven years apart so I guess you could say that they come from two separate generations Y and Z. 177 more words


5 ways to encourage collaboration between Generations X and Y

A great deal of the conversation in human capital management these days concerns the ongoing movement of generations through the American workforce. There are two undeniable trends happening in the present day – one, the baby boomer generation is gradually moving into retirement, and two, millennials are entering the office in full force. 462 more words

Employee Engagement

So what makes a "Millennial"?

Well as it happens, two people doing the naughty between the early 1980s and the year 2000, at least that’s according to the definition I found on  709 more words

Don't Repeat History!

I have a love-hate relationship with my generation. I love it, because we’re in such a pivotal time in history. We are the innovative tech era. 282 more words

Generation Y

The generation gap

So I think it’s natural to look down on the generation below and criticise the way they do things; saying they’re ‘growing up wrong’. We have all done that, no matter how old we are. 411 more words


LIFE on hard mode: The consequence of being sensible

Since leaving university I have never really lived.

All I’ve done is worked and saved and worked and saved. Instead, I was to spend the next 4-5 years as part of Generation Y spending the time living with my parents, job hunting for dear life, working for free, starting my own business… you name it. 474 more words

My Monstrous Mind

Photographic Memory: 5 Things Lacking in the Digital Era

At the end of Emptiness & Imprints, I note my sorrow for not having photos to share of Nolan and I since we grew up pre digital camera era. 713 more words

My Humble View