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Hamburger Pie

Day 10 – Writing 101: Today we write about a childhood favorite meal – in our own distinctive voice. Okay then. The question is, what is my distinctive voice? 579 more words


Three In A Park

Day 9 of Writing 101: Write about a man and woman walking in a park. They meet an old lady knitting a red sweater and the man cries. 2,223 more words


Culture: It's Broken

Yesterday I spent a lot of time debating with certain individuals on the definition of harassment.  If this sounds incredibly stupid, it mostly was, but I wanted to learn from the other side why it’s so damn difficult to not bother women on social media (or at all). 639 more words

General Writing

What Old English and Old Norse Poetry Has Taught Me About Human Nature

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

You can learn a lot about a culture by its art, and for the last two years, while working on my Master’s degree, I’ve been reading a lot of literature by the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.   518 more words

About Me

The Adverbs are coming! The Adverbs are coming!

Day 8 of Writing 101: Write avoiding Adverbs. I am to visit a cafe, park, or another public place and write about it without using adverbs. 258 more words


The Battle In The Valley Of Froot Salaad

Day 7 of Writing 101: Write about Contrast. Make it a dialogue. Let’s see how we do this. Below is something silly, something written very quickly, and is full of puns. 773 more words


Queen Penelope of the Crystal Valley

Day 6 in Writing 101: A study in Character. I am to write about someone who has entered my life recently. This was a very difficult task for me, because there were far too many great people to choose from lately. 443 more words