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Early March 2003:  I remember speaking to my father about how many people alive that day would not be in the coming year, due to the impending invasion of Iraq.  1,309 more words

Lempok Durian

The original Lempok Durian Pontianak is a kind of lunkhead made ​​from durian flesh. it is the typical food from West Borneo. Lempok durian is the durian fruit-based foods commonly Consumed by the people of Indonesia. 221 more words

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Ask Me About: What a dramaturg can do

“Remarks like that were embedded in my head and took up precious space that should have been occupied with other things but wasn’t.” – Ray Midge, … 779 more words

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From Fantasy to Reality: The Things You Learn Actually Practicing BDSM

I’ll try to keep the history brief in favor of the larger picture.  And this is by no means meant to be representative, just my experiences. 2,132 more words

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Trans Women Aren't the Only Trans Individuals

The Guardian shared a story a story titled “When you’re trans, every choice to be more feminine could mean life or death” by Jetta Rae, a trans woman which provides a firsthand perspective of the fear and violence that trans women confront daily.   133 more words

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What Writers Can Learn from Mad Max: Fury Road

This weekend, Daniel, my parents, and I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that we are pretty big… 891 more words


Are Concerns of Success Hampering Your Creativity?

At the very beginning of film director Nicholas Winding Refn’s documentary about his life, he’s sitting with a tarot card reader. He asks the reader if his last project was the right project, and then he selects three cards. 902 more words

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