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Why Trust Signs? Take It From a Sign-Maker.

Leaving Hamilton College after his interview and tour of itsĀ campus, my son and I drove away justĀ as a thunderstorm was clearing. “Mom, look! A rainbow,” Rob pointed through the windshield and upwards. 212 more words

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Living in mixed households; Where is the love?

I was looking through stuff I was going to post to the blog and this is the last entry that never ended up on the blog. 1,102 more words



I didn’t know what to come back with today. Some people may have noticed a slow creeping return. I’ve learned recently though that blogging about aspirations for a blog, telling everyone your great goals of re-inventing your writing, does not get the job done. 338 more words


The top 10 most talented, most interesting, most extraordinary bands in the Universe

They are capable of amazing things, because they are The Special.

Of course, in this game of opinions that is musical tastes, finding agreement is like finding a Panthers fan that remembers the last Super Bowl win ( 1,072 more words

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The message matters more than the words

Hosting any kind of thing can get to be highly complicated. When you’re talking about a tournament with 700 competitors, minimal staffing and a two-hour delay, things get even more hectic. 488 more words


Dating and job hunting are one and the same

A quick search on Amazon for books about interviews pulled up 60,941 titles. At an average cost of $20.25 per book, that’s an educational value $ 646 more words

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