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Rules of adulting

1)  Don’t fucking cuss.

2) It’s you’re mission to see to it that every rule is followed to a T.

3) When making a joke, be sure to tread the line between satirical word-smithing and the offensive. 168 more words


How to deliver the best speech of your life

I still remember the first time I had to really give a proper speech in class. It was Civics & Economics class. We were given the names of candidates for local elections in North Carolina. 2,167 more words

People & Interactions

Use Your Influencers! Chummy is Why

Three times this week dear people in my life have shared how they got lost in a pile somewhere. These are highly accomplished professionals in their fields who chose NOT to “use” someone who might have helped them get to the top of the pile. 249 more words

Meet Remarkable Women

How's the Pressure?

If you’ve ever had a massage, this is something the therapist will ask a few minutes into your treatment? Do you want her to press harder, or simply give your muscles a gentle workout? 283 more words

Small Business

Sometimes you just have to wing it

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been waiting for a while for some good idea to hit. If you’ve been checking the page every day with baited breath waiting for some new post–you’ll know firsthand how I haven’t posted in a bit. 351 more words


Are You Protected Legally?

The mastermind group I facilitate met last Friday and were privileged to hear Gail Berritt, Esq. share legal essentials for small business owners. Each member of my group got to pose a specific question to Gail. 176 more words

Small Business

Envy, Anger and Greed. Oh, My!

I’m enrolled in a new Memoir class this spring. Today’s assignment is to write about one of the deadly sins (I’ve selected three, overachiever that I am) and use it as a theme in a writing piece. 375 more words

General Wisdom