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Coming in May and Update

Current reading stats
New: 138
Re-reads: 28

How I choose the next book to read often depends on how many books are on my To Read list.  559 more words


Easter 2015 - part 1

It’s a little late, but we wanted to share some pictures and a video from Easter a few weeks ago. It was a great day, and Timmy had a trail that kept him busy for quite a while! 190 more words

General Update

A Few Big Days


(Images courtesy of Ian Howard)

There’s been a flurry of activity over the last couple of weeks, despite the fact that the production itself won’t launch until November! 535 more words


Commissions or When You're Too Distracted To Read

As I write this there is a cat perched on my shoulder pretending he’s a parrot. Clearly he is not following his instincts because I am neither the highest point in the room or even the highest point in out general vicinity. 209 more words

AkaShika's Books Blog

Musically Associated (Alternatively, Take Me Back)

Hey again.

Apology incoming, skip the next paragraph if you want the TL;DR.

I know it’s been over a month since anyone has written here, and once again, we apologize and hope that no one has given up on us, but with finals and whatnot right around the corner, I don’t think George and I can promise more frequent posts. 590 more words


It's so surreal

I’m packed.

I posted exactly that on Facebook a few minutes ago out of some desperate need to acknowledge this thing that’s happening which I cannot grasp. 190 more words

General Update


I’ve been living in the house for the last month and putting it together piece by piece. Most of the house is done, but I’m missing a few pieces of furniture and the rec room still needs to be finished. 395 more words

General Update