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General Update #3 / Sporadic Thoughts

  • If you haven’t listened to Brandon Flowers’ new album, The Desired Effect, yet, you need to right now. Go. Do it. Now.
  • I chose which university I’m going to and paid my $250 tuition/room+board deposit.
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Mog House Updates

Hello again. I’m freshly returned from vacation to find Mog House updates!

SE has decided to add second floors to Mog Houses complete with a second Mog Safe. 83 more words

Here we go again...

My dentist told me I have been mutilating my teeth in my sleep due to stress which bummed me out a bit. Thus I’m starting my umpteenth blog! Slow clap for me.

General Update

Driving in Germany

Thee Autobahn.

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the opening stretch from Frankfurt to Darmstadt. The autobahn makes travel through the Germany quick but in a rather round about way. 385 more words

General Update

Sew Creative: A little summer madness

When summer pokes its head through the door, I go a little crazy.

Some people have hayfever; I go haywire, creatively speaking. Once a writer, always a writer, but sunshine makes me want to pick up other hobbies. 138 more words

General Update

10 Months - Mother's Day

I had an amazing Mother’s Day this year. My first one is one I won’t forget.

I awoke to cookies, Reese cups, and a card from Zoe and Maya. 206 more words


Ten Months - Ten Month Picture!

Happy Ten Months (on the 9th lol) to these two beautiful girls! They are growing by leaps and bounds.