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General relativity

“Laws  of  nature, when  properly  written  are  the  same  for  all  the  observers  regardless  of  their  motion.”

Everyone’s just the same and sane, it’s just a matter of vision.


Gravity 9: The Evolving Universe

by Shane L. Larson

Of all the fundamental forces in Nature, gravity is the weakest. What do we mean by that? Let’s forego our usual thought experiments, and do something real to demonstrate this idea. 2,232 more words


Astronaut Scott Kelly will return from a year in space both older and younger than his twin brother

Today NASA’s Scott Kelly, along with two Russian cosmonauts, blasts off for the International Space Station (ISS), where they plan to spend 342 days. Kelly’s identical twin brother Mark, also a (retired) astronaut, will stay on Earth to serve as the other half of… 485 more words

Closure constraints for hyperbolic tetrahedra by Charles and Livine

This week I been continuing to look at non-euclidean tetrahedra as in the post:

In particular I have been looking the paper ‘Closure constraints for hyperbolic tetrahedra’ in this paper the authors  investigate the generalization of… 608 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

And now for something completely different…

Each and every trade has its favourite tools, some more powerful than others. A plumber would not get by without a good wrench, a carpenter needs a hammer, a mechanic a screwdriver and so on. 748 more words