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Parallel Universe

 Parallel  Universe

Black holes..Where all the physics of our universe as we call it ends .

As per one theory if we consider Einstein’s relativity as a base of this , singularity gets so damn heavy that it puts a hole into the space-time sheet of the universe we live in , well, alright.. 142 more words


He ain't got rhythm

Or should that be “he ain’t got no rhythm”?  I fear I am no expert on the demotic or the language of the streets (and I don’t have Mike Skinner’s contact details to hand).   837 more words

Gravity 6: Black Holes

by Shane L. Larson

There are many topics that set the mind afire with wonder, wild speculation, and imaginative ramblings into the unknown and the unknowable. 2,050 more words

Reverse gravity of a dying star

In formation of a black hole they say

” a tremendous amount of gravity is generated at the heart of a dying star ” .

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The Marvel of Gravitational Lensing

One of the coolest marvels in the universe is a phenomenon known as “gravitational lensing.” Unlike many topics in astronomy, the images are not what makes it appealing. 575 more words

Gravitational Lensing

Towards A Quaternionic Spacetime Tensor Calculus


Introducing a special quaternionic vector calculus on the tangent bundle of a 4-dimensional space, and by forcing a condition of holomorphism, a Minkowski-type spacetime emerges, from which gravitation and also the whole Maxwell theory of electromagnetic fields arises. 26 more words

Seminar on Mathematical General Relativity - March 4, 2015

Organizers  Philippe G. LeFloch (Paris) Jérémie Szeftel (Paris) Ghani Zeghib (Lyon) ANR Project 133 more words