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Nested Meanings

Two is better than one, as the saying goes. This seems true from the smallest to the largest scale. Did you know particles in quantum theory like photons are monogamous? 562 more words


Cosmology with the Square Kilometre Array

A large fraction of my time over the last 18 months has been spent working out parts of the cosmology science case for the Square Kilometre Array… 940 more words


A Godless Universe

One of the latest scientific theories, or more accurately, an idea some scientists have postulated, suggests the universe did not have an origin, that there was no Big Bang. 1,018 more words


Semiclassical geons as solitonic black hole remnants

Working in the Palatini framework  it is possible to find exact analytical solutions that are in complete quantitative agreement with Hawking’s estimates and support the view that the end state of… 557 more words

General Relativity

Time Matters in Evolved

What is time? If the image of a clock appears in your mind, reconsider. It is something we take as fundamental to our existence, a plug in a physics formula, a tool by which to schedule our day. 434 more words


On The Acausality of Heat Propagation

In many physics and chemistry courses, one is typically taught that heat propagates according to the heat equation, which is a parabolic partial differential equation: 259 more words


The Feasibility of Interstellar Propulsion

Recent revelations of NASA’s Eagleworks Em Drive caused a sensation on the internet as to why interstellar propulsion can or cannot be possible. The nay sayers pointed to shoddy engineering and impossible physics, and ayes pointed to the physics of the Alcubierre-type warp drives based on General Relativity. 1,028 more words

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