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“Who understands the real meaning of life?

One who does not try to find it.”

General Relativity

NASA and warp drive: An update

There is some excitement in the net about some news of Harold White’s experiment at NASA. I have uncovered it by chance at a forum… 355 more words


T-duality and Isometries of Spacetime

I’ve just been to an excellent seminar on Double Field Theory by its co-creator, Chris Hull. You may know that string theory exhibits a meta-symmetry called T-duality. 593 more words


Gravity 11: Ripples in Spacetime

by Shane L. Larson

We have travelled far in our journey to explore gravity, far from home and into the deep reaches of the Cosmos. But all that we know, all that we have learned, has been discovered from our home here, on the shores of the Cosmic Ocean. 2,108 more words


1913 Euclidean Geometry and General Relativity

  • Euclidean Geometry does not apply in situations of constant acceleration. Since Earth is constantly accelerating, our universe is not a Euclidean universe, and Euclidean Geometry can only produce approximations.
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1913 Elevator Thought Experimentt

  • Imagine a man inside a box in outer space with no gravitational force. When the man throws a ball, the ball goes straight across the box.
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1913 General Relativity

  • Applies to general motion
  • Inertial mass (how much energy it takes to alter an object’s motion) and gravitational mass (how much the earth is pulling on the object) are equal…
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