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A Tear Introduction

I’m the type of girl who seems to go with the flow and want to appear tough on the outside.  In elementary school, I had gone through many phases, but by year seven, I had a friend tell me that some of the other girls at school were afraid of me.   305 more words

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Knavecon Grand Raffle - Part 2

Thanks to all those who have already jumped on board with the Knavecon Grand Raffle.  I’m a little late with this post, as promised I’m adding some more games to the prize fund and because I’m a little late I’m extended the double ticket window until Midnight 2nd April.   81 more words

General Rants

The Road Just Keeps Getting Longer...

Not long ago, I asked my bosses to cut down on how much I had to drive. I gave them notice that I was getting ready to go to school and was thinking of taking on another job. 208 more words


Knavecon Love Letter Auditions

I’m going to do up a custom Love Letter Deck for Knavecon.  The various roles on the cards will be replaced with pictures of gamers. SO here’s what I want.   85 more words

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Humanity...what a joke...

This past Thursday a gas related explosion in a Manhattan restaurant demolished an entire building on the corner of 2nd Ave and St. Mark’s Pl, an area I used to hang out in a lot during my college days.   251 more words


Dr Phil in the house

I regularly get slagged off for playing inappropriate music at games nights. Even though Knavecon can be a noisy affair I always thought it lacked music, so rather than subject the gamers to my Excellent taste in music I’m bringing in a professional.   47 more words

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Boardgame Café Dublin

I had the pleasure of talking to Carla recently from the Board Game House Café in Dublin.  Carla and her husband Bruno are avid board game fans and are setting up a board game café in Dublin. 164 more words

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