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How Couples Can Resolve Their Biggest Fights Over Money

This article appeared in the April 12 Wall Street Journal.  The first few paragraphs are below and the link to the full article follows the summary. 411 more words


Law in the Philippines

The Question.

What is law in the Philippines?

One would think this a simple question. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Nowhere in our statute books is it written that: “A, B, and C are sources of law”. 482 more words

Legal History

Millennials to Financial Advisers: #DoingitWrong

This blog originally appeared on The Share, ConvergEx’s blog.  Jessica Lynn Rabe is a market strategist at ConvergEx, a global brokerage company based in New York, and co-author of “Alts Democratized: A Practical Guide to Alternative Mutual Funds and ETFs for Financial Advisors” with Robert J. 1,769 more words


The sower sows the word

This was the first blog that I posted almost exactly 4 years ago.  It addresses a theme – the Word of God – that comes up many times in subsequent blogs. 275 more words

General Principles

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After Foreclosures, Home Buyers Are Back

April 8, 2015, The Wall Street Journal

The housing industry is slowly seeing the return of buyers like Rick LeBlanc, who lost his Michigan home to foreclosure during the financial crisis but now qualifies for a mortgage again. 1,659 more words


Nearly Half of Americans Saving Virtually Nothing

About half of Americans are saving no more than 5% of their incomes, according to a new Bankrate.com report. Roughly one in five (18%) are saving nothing at all, plus 28% who are saving something, but not more than 5%. 390 more words


You'll never guess where I found this life-altering piece of productivity advice!

You know, you read all these articles on the internet, and most of them are total SEO crap: silly wikihow articles churned out for $15 a post in order to get some ad-money by perching on top of a search result for a term like “How do I stop procrastinating.” 463 more words

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