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Don't believe in tarot, but do find it really valuable to have my cards read

I have a friend and fellow author, Dominica, who’s really into tarot. I’ve actually never asked her whether she really believes in tarot or not (as in, does she believe it actually tells the future), but I don’t really believe in it. 422 more words

General Principles

Question of the Day

Harry and Sally won $200,000,000 In the Big Kahuna lottery.  Within 60 days of winning, they decided to split the winnings and take payouts over 20 years rather than the lump sum.  87 more words

Income Tax

Number of Financial Advisors Falls for 5th Straight Year

The number of U.S. financial advisers fell for the fifth straight year as the industry suffers a continuing wave of retiring veteran advisers, according to a report published Wednesday (Feb. 184 more words


Following the Golden Rule is the ticket to an unhappy life...

I have lived with a lot of people in my life. And I’ve always (with no exceptions, pretty much) been very happy with my roommates, because I tend to have zero expectations. 407 more words


The less you need a favor, the more likely I am to do one for you

People email me all the time asking me to read their work. And I almost always say ‘Yes’ and then drag my feet on it for months upon months upon months. 503 more words

General Principles

The two systems of morality that modern Westerners espouse

I was recently at a party in San Francisco, and everyone there was talking about gentrification. I was actually a bit astonished by how much it came up: it was this last Saturday people were talking about gentrification about as often as an ordinary household would mention the Super Bowl. 671 more words

General Principles