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The SewingButterfly has Surgery! Hysteroscopy, Dilation & Curettage and Polypectomy.

**Warning** This post contains descriptions of reproductive organs, medical procedures and hospital details. 1,185 more words

Back Pain

Will a 7 Day NHS Work?

Since the recent conservative win in the election David Cameron wasted no time in diving head first into the discussion of creating a seven day a week NHS. 402 more words


5 and a Half Weeks Post Op: The Stitch Abscess

Gah! Things were going so well, and now a hiccup. Remember that bit of suture that I thought was stuck in my wound? The surgeon originally said it would either dissolve or work its way out. 85 more words

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

Why Be a Salaried GP?

After the issues that have brewed with the NHS and the shortage of GP’s, general practitioners have realized that there may be a better way to do the job they love to do. 291 more words


Trauma & Dystonia

Since I developed Dystonia in 2012 my past has been dragged up by varying Drs, repeatedly. I was physically and emotionally abused as a young teen for a period of a time, with the support and help of my loving mother and friends I managed to come out of this dark time as a positive, strong person. 192 more words