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Pharmacists Could Improve GP Surgeries

We were skeptical when we heard about the pharmacists to help out GP surgeries; could it be just another rouse to throw over a problem? 467 more words

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When the Doctor Doesn’t Tell You

My mother-in-law died of lung cancer a few years ago; this combined with the fact that my husband was a former smoker, lead his doctor to order a CT scan of his lungs. 545 more words

Some experience with General Practitioners and Medication in Ireland

On my probable last business visit to Ireland (I took over a new job role  recently) things were quite different than the last times I visited Ireland, simply because I arrived there with kind of a viral infection. 362 more words


Smythe v Burgman [2015] NSWSC 150

The plaintiff failed in her application to have the hearing date (set to commence in 2 and a half weeks after the application was filed) in this medical negligence claim vacated. 573 more words

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Would Nurse Training Be Beneficial?

The Nursing Times discussed something that has been on our mind lately too – Nurse training.

We have asked our candidates about this, and tried to get a feel for what nurses are after and how they feel towards training and their options throughout their career. 161 more words


The Doctor / CAM-practitioner Conflict!

The conflict between the conventional medical realm and the alternative healthcare approaches is as old as the orthodox medical system is young. Mostly heatedly discussed and voiced in publications and debates, by the representatives of either, the supportive or the oppositional camps, the individual should not have to experience upfront the critique and scepticism by either group of practitioners! 1,131 more words