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When things don't exactly go to plan...

The SNPout hashtag on Twitter is a useful tool if you want to read all the inane and quite frankly bonkers ramblings of the anti-SNP zoomer brigade, but sometimes what you find lurking amid their swivel-eyed frothment is comedy gold. 96 more words


The Daily Propaganda - delivered straight to your door.

A follower on Twitter just showed me this free newspaper that his elderly mother received through the door of her sheltered housing accommodation…. 128 more words


Vote for Policies 2015

The updated version of Vote for Policies was released last week in preparation for the 2015 General Election. Having tried the previous version only recently I decided to take the new version for a spin. 1,539 more words

Public Discourse

The political parlance of our times.

The language used when discussing politics in Scotland is something I have touched upon briefly on this blog before, during the independence referendum; but due to recent events I think it’s something that deserves to be revisited. 665 more words


On what drives employers to provide part-time employment

The news that, as Universal Credit gets rolled out, people currently working 30 hours a week at the national minimum wage (NMW) stand to be sanctioned for nearly £30 a week if they can’t either get an 18% payrise of increase their hours to 35 per week, reminded me that one of the key drivers of underemployment remains pretty well unnoticed by the media or commentariat. 476 more words

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In support of Iain Duncan-Smith's social housing giveaway

Iain Duncan Smith has come in for some criticism today for his proposals, apparently not yet agreed within the Tory ranks, to incentivise people into work by offering them their social housing if they take themselves off all benefits for a year.   432 more words

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On BBC coverage of the Chapel Hill shootings

Flicking on the radio about 1210hrs last night while I made coffee, I heard Radio Five Live presenter Phil Williams interviewing two people from the US about the… 276 more words

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