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Four ways to a living wage

Liz Kendall pledges:

As Labour’s next Prime Minister I would extend the legal remit of the Low Pay Commission to work with employers, unions and civil society to identify practical, non-statutory ways to move wages towards the living wage, sector by sector.

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Why the Supreme Court Majority, in Misinterpreting the Second Amendment, has Violated the Canons of Statutory Construction

A well regulated Militia, being essential to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 694 more words

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This is not us: a reply to Sunny

Sunny Hundal has come in for praise for his article on the left not understanding or being understandable to the electorate, because it’s been living in an “echo chamber”. 725 more words

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On "ever closer union"

One of David Cameron’s key areas of renegotiation on the EU is, in his own words:

And dealing properly with the concept of “ever closer union”, enshrined in the treaty, to which every EU country now has to sign up.

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White working class educational underachievement: a reply to Wes Streeting

I find this post on white working class educational underachievement, by new MP West Streeting, infuriating.   Having read it through twice, my overriding thought is: “you’re better than this, Wes.” 1,210 more words

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Coasting schools and the new authoritarianism

There’s something deeply disturbing about section 1 of the new Education & Adoption Bill, according to which the Secretary of State will get to turn a maintained school into an academy… 315 more words

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Oil Drilling Kayak Protest

#473376940 / gettyimages.com

Interesting, protesting Oil Drilling while sitting in Oil Based Products, wearing Oil Based Lifejackets, and using, for the most part, Oil Based Paddles.

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