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On Prince Charles and the principle of privacy

Clarence House put out a terse statement about the overturning of the goverment’s decision on Charles’ spider letters:

This is a matter for the government.

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Ted Cruze: the Birthers Answer to Obama's Birth Right

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Ted Cruze was born in Canada; however, his mother was a United States Citizen.

Under current United States law: this means Ted Cruze is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America; therefore, he can be President of The United States of America. 48 more words

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Intercity - We Had No Choice

When discussing the possibility of returning to nationalised railways, it is worthwhile reflecting on the performance of our train services when they were last under state control.  513 more words

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We can't escape the illogical paradigm of #beefban - online, through legislative history or electoral politics

The internet has been going insane over a newly signed ban on the possession and sale of beef in the state of Maharashtra. NPR reports that the bill “strictly bans the slaughter of cows, along with the sale, consumption or even possession of beef … The bill will also include a ban on the slaughter of bulls and bullocks, but not water buffaloes.” (1) Shortly after it happened, Maharashtra CM Fadnavis tweeted his jubilation over its passage. 1,415 more words

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That complaint to the BBC

A quick follow up on this post on a BBC presenter apparently suggesting you can’t be an American and a Muslim, and my complaint.

The BBC have now replied as follows: 174 more words

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The labour movement's post-election battleground: Part I of II

1  Introduction

Back in January, I was invited by Left Futures to provide a response to a post by Trevor Fisher.  Trevor considers Labour a lost cause when it comes to austerity. 4,961 more words

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When things don't exactly go to plan...

The SNPout hashtag on Twitter is a useful tool if you want to read all the inane and quite frankly bonkers ramblings of the anti-SNP zoomer brigade, but sometimes what you find lurking amid their swivel-eyed frothment is comedy gold. 96 more words