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Evaluating Cameronism: was it Talebian or Thalerian?

On Thursday Miliband criticized Cameron for his failure to foresee or do anything about the collapse of the Libyan state. Cameron’s reaction was:

I’ve learnt as prime minister that it is so important in a dangerous and uncertain world that you show clarity, consistency and strength on these foreign policy issues. 

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The options for the return of legitimate governance in Tower Hamlets

Luftur Rahman is now, in law, the ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, the Electoral Commission (sitting as judge) having found him guilty of electoral fraud. 874 more words

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Rand Paul Republican Vs Democrat

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The Libertarian Party has very specific views of protecting individual rights.

See: their party platform under Issues at


On a range of Social Issues they look like Democrats. 96 more words

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Why vote for Purna Sen in the General Election?

In this last post before the election I wanted to speak about Sunday’s NHS meeting featuring veteran social justice campaigner Harry Leslie Smith. 92-year-old Harry is touring the country telling people about what he remembers of the days before we had a national health service. 655 more words

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Migrant army

700 or so people have drowned in the Mediterranean, as they traveled either in search of a less bad life, or because they had no other option. 328 more words

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Some simple questions about the childcare pledges

In some ways the childcare arms race – with the Tories promising 30 hours a week free for 3 7 4 year olds to Labour’s 25 hours. 277 more words

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Is this the worst local journalism ever?

There’s a mind-bogglingly bad bit of local journalism round my way today.  It goes thus:

Jack Sen will not be attending hustings in Ormskirk after being threatened by Standing up to UKIP…

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