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Oil Drilling Kayak Protest

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Interesting, protesting Oil Drilling while sitting in Oil Based Products, wearing Oil Based Lifejackets, and using, for the most part, Oil Based Paddles.

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Harris, Habermas & Hirst on the way forward for the social democratic left

John Harris’ piece on the scale of the crisis facing social democratic parties like Labour is not bad at all.  It’s the first journalistic piece post-election that I have seen which moves beyond whiny plaints about the need for Labour to reconnect, and at least hints what we might actually start to do: 623 more words

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How to win elections: mark II

The most obvious way (though arguably not the best) way to win power in a liberal democracy is to win elections. Nationally, Labour have not been doing very well at that of late. 625 more words

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From a politics of consumption to a politics of production

On twitter, TV journalist Laura Kuenssberg has some advice for all parties on what they need to do during the next parliament:

More importantly HUGE Qs for all established parties after vote – they all need new ways of getting people to listen, or indeed listening…

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Thugs the New N-Word!?*

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President Obama made the strategic decision to call The Rioters in Baltimore Thugs.

Why not?

Clearly those officers of the law were way off, and caught being so. 150 more words

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The coming unintended consequence of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011

With Labour a) likely to be in a better position than the Tories to form a government after May 7th; and b) ruling out any kind of binding deal with the SNP or the Libdems, and insteaf looking to govern on an informal supply & confidence basis, the very real prospect of extreme constitutional silliness hoves into view. 277 more words

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Instituting the democratic reconnection

Ed Miliband has been trying to reconnect with the portion of the British public which does not think that the current democratic institutions  are legitimate.  He may or may get credit, in for the form of votes for Labour candidates, for (as Phil… 2,163 more words

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